Monday, 15 February 2010

Cheryl Cole - Fool for love?

Cheryl Cole is one of the UK most recognised celebrities. A member of pop band 'Girls Aloud', a successful solo singer and a judge on the prime time, mega money machine that is 'X-Factor'.

In recent years, the media has been focusing on her marriage to top footballer Ashley Cole. Ashley's antics have been the basis of many negative stories. With so many sordid allegations in the press, it's hard to forecast what Cheryl will do in the future. Will she continue to stay with Ashley?
No doubt, many writers are penning stories with glee. Poor Cheryl. That rat Ashley etc....
It's not clear what's going on behind closed doors. However it must be a terrible strain on Cheryl as she is at the peak of her career. A career that apparently will take her to America later this year.
The question is....will she be able to cope in the glare of the US press as well?