Saturday, 8 January 2011

Poptweetz Comedy: Miranda Hart

Like many, I became aware of Miranda Hart when watching season 1 of her successful BBC TV show.  The show centres around the clumsy Miranda, her love interest 'Gary' and the difficult and hilarious relationship with her mother.  

I equally enjoyed watching season 2 which recently concluded and I'm now officially in mourning until we are treated to new material.  When doing some research, I stumbled across 'Miranda Hart's Joke Shop' - an audio recording of the radio series which is basically almost a word-for-word recording of the TV show.  It's perfect for car journeys and it certainly made a recent 3 hour journey more fun.  It's out now on iTunes for £5.95.  Not bad at all.

Glee Volume 4

Glee fans will be excited to hear that the new album is out in the UK on 21st February.  'Glee Volume 4' includes their take on songs such as 'Valerie' and 'Toxic'.  I can't wait for the new series which starts on E4 next week.  Look out for the 'Britney Spears' and 'Rocky Horror Show' episodes.  As Miranda's mother would say, "Such fun!"

Adele - 21

I'm bursting with excitement about Adele's new album, '21' which is released in the UK later this month.  Adele previewed a track from the album back in November.  'Rolling In The Deep' is a haunting but up-tempo number which once again showcases that voice! 

The album is destined to be a huge success and it may even surpass her debut effort.

*Update* It is selling masses.  Download here > 21

Friday, 7 January 2011

Fashion: The Military Look

The Military look has been popular over the past few years.  I can't say that I've been a massive fan of the look myself but it's definitely been embraced by many a teen across the UK.  Fashionisters of the male type may be interested to know that fashion chain River Island has some key pieces available at sale prices.
This Navy jacket is priced at an affordable £15.  It wouldn't be my choice but I bet there are many boys out there that could get away with wearing it with some skinny jeans and a t-shirt.

Poptweetz Horror Moment of 2010 - Pink's Stage Fall


Christmas Fabulousness

Did you have a good Christmas? I certainly did.

What presents did you get?  That jumper you always wanted from your Gran? ...or a surprisingly camp Christmas card from your uncle Eric (I was sure he was married with kids....). 

Anyway.  The boyfriend was happy as Santa (his Mother and Father) brought him a Kindle.  Gone are the days of me complaining about the rustling of pages at bedtime - after all a gay needs his beauty sleep.  Speaking of sleep or lack off, somebody gave me some 'roll-on under-eye caffeine gel' - I'm not sure whether it was a joke or whether I have serious eye-bag issues.  I'm too scared to consider the worst option.

Our New Year celebrations were fun.  We had yet another party (our 5th over the Christmas period) and our guests were treated to a 'seventies theme' fondue party.  There was plenty of cheese on the dining table and more from the iPod playlist that I created.  I had a large animation of a ticking clock on one wall and despite that we nearly missed the stroke of midnight.

I also did well in the sales.  Canny people like myself will have noticed that certain stores had many pre-christmas offers and I walked away with a very stylish and super cheap designer leather bag.  All man-bag fans, bow your head.  There is a new man-bag in town!

Poptweetz Hero of 2010 No1 - Kylie Minogue

In 2010, Kylie released 'Aphrodite'.  A poptastic return to commercial pop and one of the best albums of her career.  Kylie may be of a certain age (we won't say how old she is because we refuse to believe it) but she fits seemlessly into the current pot of female pop artists.  'All The Lovers' was the lead single and the video is perhaps my favourite of the year.  She's a true icon.

Poptweetz Zero of 2010 No1 - Simon Cowell

I put Simon at Number One, not because of any major negative reason - but simply because I am jealous and I know the guy can take a bit of criticism.  Let's face it, Simon loves a bit of drama.  I think he would be pleased to make Number One in my list. 

Poptweetz Hero of 2010 No2 - Glee

Glee - the massive global mega-hit.  How could I not include Glee in my Top 10? There is so much to love about this show.  The characters, the actors, the stories - all perfection.  Sue Sylvester is the goddess of bitchy one-liners.  Kurt Hummel is the adorable token gay.  I love the soundtracks (a car journey favourite). LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Poptweetz Zero of 2010 No2: Steve Brookstein

Many years ago, Steve Brookstein won the X-Factor.  Very shortly afterwards, he disappeared into the 'has-been wilderness' and wasn't seen in public very often (apart from some tiny gigs where nobody turned up).  It's sad that the man is so bitter because he didn't maintain his musical career.  It's especially sad that he is trying to piss on everyone involved in the show.  He's alledgedly said that the programme is fixed and made all sorts of other sordid allegations.  Honey, shut the f**k up, please.

Poptweetz Zero of 2010 No3 - One Direction

They make number 3 in my list for three very valid reasons:

1. People called them 'Wand Erection' (heh heh heh heh)
2. One of them has a filthy mouth - need I say more.
3. They looked better than they sang.

Sorry fans, I know some of you like them.

Remembering: Adeva

Continuing the 'Remembering:' series of posts, I would now to like to pay tribute to one of my favourite dance queens.  Adeva released several quality songs in the late eighties and nineties.  This was a time when I used to be smoozing with DJ's in record shops around Northern England.  Fond, fond memories. 

As you can see from the picture, Adeva's image was quite masculine and could easily be compared to that of Grace Jones (though perhaps not as striking as Jones is).  Adeva has a big gospel voice and although she sometimes shouted rather than singing, I was hooked.  She was massive on the House scene and looking back I'm amazed that she didn't have bigger hits in the UK.  She peaked at number 17 in the singles chart 3 times!

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Poptweetz Hero of 2010 No3 - Lady Gaga

She is unstoppable.  I wasn't so sure when she burst onto the scene, but you can't deny her appeal.  The Telephone video was the best I have seen in years.

Poptweetz Zero of 2010 No4 - Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne makes No4 in my list.  The former pop star deserves her place because of her public rants.  Poorly judged comments about Dannii Minogue and Twitter arguements with her ex-boyfriend.  This is a lady that craves attention.

I don't suppose my criticism will make any difference because she looks healthier than she ever has done - and in that respect she is doing just fine.

Remembering: Holly Valance - State of Mind

Holly Valance's first single from her second album was titled 'State of Mind'.  Let's be honest, it wasn't a massive hit because the press seemed to take a dislike to her.  It was harsh and perhaps her stylists and marketing team were to blame for the negative press - the press taking a major dislike to her sexy image.  The record company seemingly deserted her after the album release.  I wish they had given her a chance to release some other songs from the album because it's as good as anything Rachel Stevens has released - although, maybe Rachel wasn't such a good example to use as she was also left without a deal.  Shame.  I liked it.

Remembering: Grace Jones - Hurricane

Grace Jones is a legend and that is a fact.  A respected model - a muse for artists and creative types - an occasional actress - but I prefer to think of her as being one of the worlds most interesting musical artists.  'Hurricane' was Grace's tenth studio album and a true return to form.  The album was released in late 2008 and the promo included a typically odd video which accompanied the song 'Corporate Cannibal'.

I've always been fascinated by Grace.  She's a force to reckoned with.   Unpredictable and always interesting.    

Remembering: Princess

In 1986, Stock Aitken & Waterman (the production power house) were drafted in to create material for a UK singer called 'Princess'.  Influenced heavily by US producers such as Jam and Lewis, the results were brilliant and very different from the material they released in later years. 

Songs like 'Say I'm Your Number One' and 'I'll Keep On Loving You' are fine examples of eighties pop but I can't help but feel that it's shame that her music career was so short-lived.  Princess sadly only ever released 2 albums. 

Fact: In 2009 her debut album was re-released by the Cherry Pop label.

Remembering: Cyndi Lauper - Bring Ya To The Brink

Cyndi Lauper is a name that many people associate with the eighties: 'Girls Just Want to Have Fun', 'True Colors' & 'Time After Time' to name a few....  However, Cyndi has always continued to work musically, as well as doing some occasional TV and movie work.  In 2008 Cyndi released a fantastic dance album titled 'Bring Ya To The Brink' which was produced by a mix of different producers in Europe and the US.  It didn't do very well here in the UK - which is a bit bizarre considering our nations love of dance music and clubbing.

Cyndi remains to be a unique artist - maybe she isn't having the same success that she had in the eighties? - but that makes her no less valid.  Long may she continue to work and create such great pieces of music.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Poptweetz Hero of 2010 No4 - Hurts

Hurts were the unexpected musical treat of 2010.  A group that produced songs that sounded fresh and original, yet firmly placed in the 'eighties electro synth' genre.  AND - aside from producing a fantastic album that included a song that features Kylie - they also gave us a Christmas song.  AMAZING .... and they are both very cute! *sigh*

Remembering: Red Hot + Blue

Well, hello there!  After a sudden rush of work, a new project and surgery of all things, I am back!  Only my kind readers would allow me some time to catch up. *wink*

I thought my first post (in a while) should be dedicated to one of my favourite albums of all time.  Back in 1990, there was a compilation album titled 'Red Hot + Blue', with proceeds going to Aids charities.  The songs were reinterpretations of Cole Porter songs and I remember watching a particularly fantastic video collection on TV which previewed all of the songs.  Cole Porters songs are amazing, but this album took his songs to a completely different level. 

I believe the album was re-released in 2006 in the USA as a CD and DVD pack.  However, if you can even hunt down the standard CD, you are in for a treat.

Highlights on album include; 'Down in the Depths' sung by Lisa Stansfield (where is she these days?), 'Too Darn Hot' sung by Erasure (a fantastic electronic version) and a highly amusing and bizarre version of  'Well Did You Evah?' sung by the glorious Debbie Harry and Iggy Pop.