Thursday, 17 February 2011

Fashion: Philip Browne

Philip Browne has sold quality menswear since 1986.  His store in the centre of Norwich is a treasure trove of designer fashion.  Philip is a real character, respected in the industry and he has dedication and passion for his trade.  He is a joy to talk to because he has lived and breathed fashion for such a long time.  It also helps that he adores Vivienne Westwood as I do.  As we entered the store, he was showing a customer an item from his collection of typically outragous t-shirts, designed by Vivienne and telling stories of the most unlikely people who are his regular customers. 
His knowledge of Westwood is amazing and he collects many pieces which he frames and displays in his shop.  His enthusiasm for the 'outrageous' items is hilarious.  If you're ever in the Norwich area, I urge you to visit his store.  If you are lucky, the man himself will be there - and Philip and his assistants will provide the kind of customer service that is rare. 

Philip also has a website:

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