Monday, 22 November 2010

Poptweetz Zero of 2010 No5 - Mutya Buena

You should remember Mutya from her Sugababes days.  2010 was a disappointing year for the singer.  She released some music to very little fanfare - and she allegedly squabbled with the current Sugababes members and took them to court in an attempt to re-claim the brand.  It was very messy and it is with regret that Mutya has made my 'Zero' list.  She has a truly great voice (and through surgery, she is now the owner of new perky buttocks!)

Poptweetz Hero of 2010 No5 - Sophie Ellis Bextor

Sophie Ellis Bextor has given us so many fantastic singles over the years.  It was criminal that 'Heartbreak Make Me A Dancer' wasn't the huge hit that it deserved to be.  2010 was tough year for many artists - but I hope Sophie has a massively successful 2011 as I'm desperate for a brand new album. 

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Poptweetz Zero of 2010 No6 - Talentless X-Factor Contestants

It's not funny. It's not clever. BTW- you can actually buy this T-shirt of Wagner........ good grief, the world has gone mad!

Poptweetz Hero of 2010 No6 - Gabriella Cilmi

I really feel that 'On A Mission' should have been a much bigger hit.  It's a modern disco masterpiece.  Another fantastic track from 'Ten' (the album) is 'Superhot' - it would have made a great choice for the follow-up single. 

Gabriella is a fiesty one.  Whenever I've read interviews, she never shys from giving her opinions on other artists, no matter how uncomplimentary they may be.  I have to admire her attitude in an industry that's often populated by media-trained, personality free dummies.