Sunday, 17 April 2011

Scream 4 - I've seen it and here are my thoughts

I've just seen Scre4m.

I didn't want to make this a review because I'm sure that there are many Poptweetz readers that haven't seen this forth installment of the Scream movies.

It must have been a difficult decision to make another Scream movie.  Sequels tend to have a bad reputation and they always seem to pale in comparison to the original.  Yes, the Scream movies have been massively successful.  However, I'm sure that the 'surviving' cast members were probably a little cautious before signing their contracts.

Let me make one thing clear.  Scream 4 is a worthy sequel.  It was a pleasure to see Sidney, Gale and Dewey return to the big screen. 

So, what makes the Scream movies so special?  'Scream' is the acceptable face of horror / slasher movies.  For example; humour plays a integral part in the story.  The Scream movies are not groundbreaking in the sense that the stories are original - infact, in many ways that isn't the point.  The creators knowledge of the horror genre is clear, and that is crystal clear when the characters discuss the 'rules'.  You can read the 'rules' from the first three movies here:   The main cast is impressive, and in particular, Courtney Cox's inclusion has made Scream movies 'mainstream'. 

Without revealing too much, tell me about Scre4m. 

  • The opening scene is really quite clever. 
  • I didn't know who the murderer was until seconds before the reveal.
  • Scream fans will not be disappointed as it's doesn't stray from the formula of the previous movies.
I'm not going to write anything else, so you will have to go and see for yourself.

Sade - The Ultimate Collection

This fab 2xCD collection is released next month and apparently there will also be a limited edition CD & DVD pack.

Disc 1
1. Your Love Is King
2. Smooth Operator
3. Hang On To Your Love
4. The Sweetest Taboo
5. Is It A Crime
6. Never As Good As The First Time
7. Jezebel
8. Love Is Stronger Than Pride
9. Paradise
10. Nothing Can Come Between Us
11. No Ordinary Love
12. Kiss Of Life
13. Feel No Pain
14. Bullet Proof Soul

Disc 2
1. Cherish The Day
2. Pearls
3. By Your Side
4. Immigrant
5. Flow
6. King Of Sorrow
7. The Sweetest Gift
8. Solider Of Love
9. The Moon And The Sky
10. Babyfather
11. Still In Love With You
12. Love Is Found
13. I Would Never Have Guessed
14. The Moon And The Sky (Remix Featuring Jay-Z)
15. By Your Side (Neptunes Remix)

Adele - Promise This (Cheryl Cole cover)

This woman can cover any song and make it sound heartfelt and improve on the original.

Genius: Banananarama - 38 videos in 15 minutes

This video is fantastic and the person responsible is a genius.

Bananarama have enjoyed success for almost 30 years.  It's an incredible achievement and this video celebrates all of those memorible songs and videos.

Of course the monster hits are there, like 'Venus' (the US number one), 'Cruel Summer' (another huge global hit and it featured on the soundtrack to the classic eighties movie 'Karate Kid'), 'Robert De Niro's Waiting', 'I Heard A Rumour' etc....

The fashions are amazing, and sometimes not so amazing.  The hair styles are mostly hilarious.

Shed a little tear when Siobhan left (but then re-appeared later in the Eurotrash Eurovision TV show), and cheer when Jacquie came on board (short lived, but still missed). 

It's a fanastic reminder of this much celebrated and loved pop group.