Wednesday, 19 October 2016

It's been a while.....

Hello fellow fananarama's...

It's been some time since I last posted and an awful lot of things have happened in the world of the bananas (that's not code for anything rude, just in case you get the wrong idea....although... no.........I won't go there)

The absolutely amazing In A Bunch singles Boxset was released, for starters.  Fananarama's across the globe couldn't believe their luck.  The release of the deluxe edition albums was already mind-blowingly fabulous...but to top that seemed unimaginable.  This really was the icing on the cake and the end of a truly, truly brilliant collection of exceptional releases from Edsel.

A tour of Australia happened.  Supported by the legends Wang Chung.... and a group that not many people have heard of, the Chumtoopsies (or whatever they call themselves...)  The Chimptumsies apparently had a minor career in Australia back in the 18 hundreds and one of the 'band' members seems to have an ungrateful, huge mouth according to an interview that I've read.  Oh well, the tour ended and she can go back to her day-to-day job as a spiteful nobody now.  I wish her well (did that sound sincere?....thought not)  The fans loved the tour and Keren and Sara seemed to have a hoot.  Hurrah.

Our girls have just returned from performing a few gigs in Japan to a very enthusiastic audience.  They also performed on a show with Japanese music legends SMAP  (try to beat that, Champteefies!...sorry, I stop doing that now...probably)

So, where are we now?  Well, a publishing deal with BMG was signed earlier this year.  There is hints that a book is coming, and of music.  They have been working with Ian Masterson and some new people.  There are lots of plans afoot, so I believe.

I will try to post more.  I promise. 
Oh, in new news, the Chufftitsies have a new
album out....