Monday, 22 November 2010

Poptweetz Zero of 2010 No5 - Mutya Buena

You should remember Mutya from her Sugababes days.  2010 was a disappointing year for the singer.  She released some music to very little fanfare - and she allegedly squabbled with the current Sugababes members and took them to court in an attempt to re-claim the brand.  It was very messy and it is with regret that Mutya has made my 'Zero' list.  She has a truly great voice (and through surgery, she is now the owner of new perky buttocks!)

Poptweetz Hero of 2010 No5 - Sophie Ellis Bextor

Sophie Ellis Bextor has given us so many fantastic singles over the years.  It was criminal that 'Heartbreak Make Me A Dancer' wasn't the huge hit that it deserved to be.  2010 was tough year for many artists - but I hope Sophie has a massively successful 2011 as I'm desperate for a brand new album. 

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Poptweetz Zero of 2010 No6 - Talentless X-Factor Contestants

It's not funny. It's not clever. BTW- you can actually buy this T-shirt of Wagner........ good grief, the world has gone mad!

Poptweetz Hero of 2010 No6 - Gabriella Cilmi

I really feel that 'On A Mission' should have been a much bigger hit.  It's a modern disco masterpiece.  Another fantastic track from 'Ten' (the album) is 'Superhot' - it would have made a great choice for the follow-up single. 

Gabriella is a fiesty one.  Whenever I've read interviews, she never shys from giving her opinions on other artists, no matter how uncomplimentary they may be.  I have to admire her attitude in an industry that's often populated by media-trained, personality free dummies.

Friday, 19 November 2010

Poptweetz Hero of 2010 No7 - Kelis

I remember the early days when Kelis sang 'I Hate You So Much", otherwise known as the 'shouty song'.  Kelis has now re-invented herself as a dance siren.  'Acapella' is second favourite dance song of all time - therefore Kelis deserves a place in my chart.

Poptweetz Zero of 2010 No7 - Christina Aguilera

Oh Christina, how we love you.  That voice is the real deal.....but Bionic was bloody awful.  Let's just forget it ever happened.

Thursday, 18 November 2010

ADELE 'Rolling In The Deep'

Adele's debut album was an absolute treat. It's rare to find such a young singer with so much soul - and a voice which sounds well beyond her age. The new single 'Rolling In the Deep' is another fine song from the songstress. Full to the brim with emotion, it's a good sign that the new album will deliver to our expectations.

The Rules - Part 2

Continuing my rules to create a perfect pop star: (see Part1 here: )

4. Hire a kick-ass Video Producer

Nobody wants to see a video of somebody stood on a stage, motionless - or perhaps swaying side to side. The buying public want bloody amazing dance routines, some partial nudity and hot people! We want special effects - and it's even better if someone can muster up something new that's never been done before. Look at Bjorks videos - always weird, but always fabulous.  Britney has done some fantastic videos.  That's what the public want, so you gotta give it to 'em.

5. Be a good Guest

There is nothing worse that watching an arrogant and ungrateful popstar being interviewed on TV - UNLESS THEY ARE FUNNY.  You have to be entertaining.

...more soon.

Poptweetz Zero of 2010 No8 - Prolific Producers

There are many named producers I could choose for number 8 in my list.  However, I will let you use your imagination to guess who I am referring to.  I'm tired of producers who churn out music that sounds identical to their other tracks.  There are so many popular producers who appear to put very little effort into producing music that is both original and interesting.  We don't need anymore Gaga-lite artists.... We already have Gaga.

Poptweetz Hero of 2010 No8 - Robyn

Robyn is a 'one in a million' artist.  By the end of 2010, she will have released a trilogy of fantastic albums under the title - 'Body Talk'.  Both artistic and inspiring, it's always a pleasure to see what she will come up with next.  She's so respected in the music industry.  You may remember her mid-nineties hits 'Show Me Love' and 'Do you Know What It Takes'.  Back then, it seemed that she was very much a product of managers and producers.  The same cannot be said now - Robyn is very much in control creatively and she's delivering some of the best pop songs I've heard in years. 

Poptweetz Zero of 2010 No9 - Perez Hilton

Perez Hilton is perhaps the worlds most famous blogger.  He's created a hugely successful career by making fun of celebrities and posting photos with the words 'Slut' written across them.

I'm a blogger. I'm not on here for the money or fame. There is something about Perez which is difficult to understand.  For years he has condemned celebrities by criticising their appearance and work - whilst avoiding the fact that he 'was' an overweight, unattractive man with a fetish for loud and ugly clothing.  In essence, he was everything he claimed to hate. 

Occasionally I will make a catty comment about people - but I've never lived up to the level of hypocrisy that Perez has.  He claims to have changed his ways recently.  He made an appearance on Ellen's chat show to confirm this.  I'm not convinced it will last. 

Poptweetz Hero of 2010 No9 - Florrie

Florrie's Bio explains why she is so special:

Florrie is a drummer, singer, songwriter and guitarist.

Currently she is giving all her music away to fans for free via her website.

■Florrie: as traditional a musician and performer as can possibly be, but at the same time a completely new type of independent pop artist.

■Florrie’s bold, attention-grabbing pop music is at once robotic and human, chunky and svelte, big on ideas and not shy of explosive choruses.

■Florrie is a 21 year old artist, originally from Bristol in the south-west of the UK.

■She‘s a drummer, singer, songwriter, guitarist and remixes her own tracks.

■She played her first ever gig, aged 7, dressed as a fish!

■In June 2008 she became the Xenomania house drummer. She has played over a hundred gigs, including Glastonbury festival, and Radio One's Live Lounge.

■In the last two years she has played drums on ‘The Promise’ by Girls Aloud and various other tracks for Kylie, Pet Shop Boys etc.

■Florrie worked her way up through the ranks at Xenomania from drummer to writing lyrics to singing tracks to programming and remixing.

■Contemporary French disco legend Fred Falke has been an instrumental force in defining Florrie’s sound. Her first track ‘Call 911’ was co-written and remixed by him, and was released in Feb 2010.

■Florrie has released three more tracks: 'Panic Attack' also co-written and remixed by Fred Falke, ‘Fascinate Me’ and ‘Come Back to Mine feat. Moguai’.

■Florrie has made all of her music free to fans on her website

■Florrie’s tracks have gone down a storm with music blogs and influential music titles such as Pitchfork, NME and The Fader.

■Kitsuné, the impeccably hip French electronic music and fashion label, like ‘Call 911’ so much that they’re including it on a compilation with Ponystep, the noted fashion style webmag based in east London with a global reputation for all things fashion art and music.

■AS YET Florrie is not signed to a label. She wants people to sing/dance/download/love and play her music as much as possible, before she does that!

Poptweetz Zero of 2010 No10 - 50Cent

It's a shame that many associate rap music with sexism, violence and homophobia.  I truly believe that there are some very talented rappers in the industry (Kanye West for example - but only when he's not acting stupid).  Though it's hard to pick out the real talent from the idiots.  One idiot worth mentioning is 50Cent.  A man who is an abysmal performer.  He enjoys writing obscenities on Twitter, happily and joyfully churning out comments about sex, women and of course the usual homophobic banter that seems to spew from many who are a part of that industry.   I don't know who is more stupid - 50cent? - or perhaps the thousands of people that follow his every word?  I am particularly pointing in the direction of the 'hooker' women that openly enjoy chatting with him. No sensible woman would go near him. 

Poptweetz Hero of 2010 No10 - Dannii Minogue

Dannii Minogue has had another tremendous year.  There's been a reality TV show, a fashion line and of course her continuing appearance as a judge on X-Factor.  It's not always been an easy ride  throughout 2010 - Dannii still recieves some criticism from certain camps.  Of course the press make their usual digs every so often - but there was one episode that I remember from 2010.  Dannii released an autobiography this year and she didn't hold back from mentioning the juicy details about the much publicised rows with Sharon Osbourne.  I'm not sure whether Sharon commented on Dannii's book, but her daughter Kelly did.  Kelly made several ill-informed comments on Twitter which didn't do her or her mother any favours.  One of the nice things about Dannii is that she has always appeared to be 'dignified' about what happened - and it was about time that she had her say on what happened.  Dannii - we love you, the fashion press love you...keep up the good work.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Poptweetz Top 10 Fabulous Christmas Songs

1. The Hives & Cyndi Lauper - A Christmas Duel
A true anti-Christmas song. Gone are usual sentiments.  Christmas is time for fighting in The Hives household. Love it!

2. Saint Etienne featuring Tim Burgess - I Was Born On Christmas Day
A sweet song from the pop legends. Sarah and Tim get married in the video - Amazing!

3. Bananarama - Baby It's Christmas
The Banana's first Christmas song. Glittery pop that deserves to be heard for years to come.

4. Mariah Carey - All I Want For Christmas Is You
I don't like all of her material, but this song is a firm favourite.  Jolly fun from the diva of all divas.

5. Kylie Minogue - Santa Baby
...because it's Kylie.

6. Amy Winehouse - I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
She's crazy - but she's our crazy.  Santa, please bring us a new Amy album.

7. Annie Lennox - In The Bleak Midwinter
Gorgeous arrangement of a classic carol. (No clip - Buy her new album 'A Christmas Cornucopia')

8. Julia Fordham & Johnathan Rice - Merry Christmas Day
It appeared in a Scooby cartoon and therefore is amazing. (No Clip)

9. Wham! - Last Christmas
Nobody knew George was gay.............. huh

10. Coming Out at Christmas - London Gay Men's Chorus
Just watch it

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Bananarama - Baby It's Christmas

'Baby it's Christmas' is the brand new song from Bananarama.  I was especially excited to listen to this song because it is Bananarama's first Christmas themed song (if you don't count the charity celebathon that is 'Band Aid').  As expected, it's a high energy dance number that is perhaps aimed at the gay audience (perhaps it was aimed at me? I am a huge gay!)  It's not that the straights don't like dance music - it's just that I can very easily picture this song going down a storm in every homosexual danceteria across the land. 

The girls sing "Stop, stop pulling my heart-strings. Won't you come back and make my heart sing. You've been away far too long".  No, Keren and Sara aren't begging for Siobhan to rejoin (though that would extra fabulous in time for Christmas).  I think they are singing about a bloke - or perhaps a large bottle vodka if I'm to believe their reputation as hard drinking party disco queens.

J'adore - of course.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

It gets better... Part 2

It's easy to dish out without giving it very much thought.  Since writing my last post, I've pondered about what else I can add to the topic. 

My advice is: Don't feel like you have to 'come out' - take your time and decide when you want to make that decision.  Many people feel pressured to 'come out', but it's not a decision that anyone should take lightly.  You may be still living with your parents.  You may not want to take that risk yet - and don't feel ashamed because sometimes people have to make hard decisions and life won't always be so closeted.  You may want to initially confide in one person - and that's OK.

Everybody has their own story.  I 'came out' quite late on in my life, but I have no regrets because I did what I felt was best for me.  I can't change anything now.  The past is simply the past.  Life is too short to have regrets.

When you do take that leap, life can be so much easier.  It took a lot of effort to hide my true feelings.  It was wasted energy that could have been directed at shopping for Vivienne Westwood scarfs, quite frankly. 

If you are struggling to make a decision - Try to make a balanced decision - but always aim to be true to yourself as soon as you can because you have a right to live your life openly and honestly - and as soon as you do, your life will change massively for the better.

There are lots of charities, helplines and social groups out there.  Make good use of them if you need to. 

One final piece of advice, learn how to smile (even if you are not feeling happy).  People are drawn to smiles.

Monday, 1 November 2010

It gets better...

I love reading comments from the people that I follow on Twitter. The funny stories, bitchy comments, news stories and the occasional outrage that flows from the fingers of my friends is completely addictive.

One news story that has interested me in particlular is the 'It Gets Better Project'. The troubling spike in gay teenage suicides in the U.S. has been truly upsetting. Every gay man or woman I know has a story to tell about the difficulty of growing up and being bullied, harrassed or having to hide your true self to survive. Things do get better. I know it may be hard to understand, but it really does.

Like many, my teenage years were not perfect. I was bullied before I knew that I was gay. My effeminate manner seemed to create violent outbursts from my peers. I had very little people to turn to and I was basically an outcast until the last day I left school. I was a particularly small child for my age - quiet - and my sister was famous. I was an easy target to pick on. After the second time in A&E (for being hit over the head with a baseball bat), I knew that I had to try and get help for depression - unsuprisingly, I was on anti-depressants for several months.

I wasn't comfortable in my own skin until I was in my mid twenties. I met someone and fell in love - he knew that I was in the closet and he persuaded me to tell my family. I'd never been so nervous. With tears running down my face, I told them - and their reaction was minimal. They actually didn't care. I was 'almost' upset that their reaction was so lacking in emotion. From that day onwards I started to think about myself more and not to be worried or concerned about anyone else and their thoughts. It was massively life-changing. I told my friends - and asked them to tell their friends. I was proud and strong for the very first time.

Much of my problems in my early twenties was due to my concern about how people would react. As soon as I stopped caring about homophobia and the people that objected, my life became better. I wasn't free of drama's though. My boyfriend disappeared (literally - the police were involved - long story, another time). I had a wild time for a while - caught up for the time I missed - and eventually met the man I've been with for the last 6 years.

If you are young, gay and struggling, hold on in there. Your life is important. The world would be a very dull place without millions of homosexual people. I'm certain that the music and the entertainment industry would not be as creative without us. Don't deny the world the chance to get to know you. You are fabulous and don't let anybody tell you otherwise.

Thursday, 28 October 2010


It's nearly Halloween! Poptweetz loves Halloween - and so do Westlife. The above photo was taken shortly before the boys got dressed into their brilliant Halloween costumes. Those guys are so creative - they dressed up as four mediocre male singers. Good job, guys.

Happy Halloween, folks!

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Mariah's Scary

With Christmas approaching, our thoughts turn to drinking large glasses of mulled wine, eating german christmas cake and listening to soppy festive tunes.

Mariah Carey makes a fortune around Christmas time, due to her classic song 'All I Want For Christmas (is a bra)'. This year, Mariah will be buying extra expensive gifts for her pals as she will be due a massive payout with the release of a new Christmas album.
I hope she isn't thinking about giving away the gorgeous pup in the photo - though if she is, I will take him/her. Too cute.

Play the Jamie Oliver drinking game!!!

Lovely, lovely Jamie Oliver is back on our TV screens with a new series of 30 minute meals.

To celebrate this cracking show, I've developed a new game.

1. First things first, invite 3 or 4 mates around to your house.
2. Line up the drinks.
3. Watch an episode of Jamie's new fantabulicious new TV show and follow these rules:

When Jamie says 'Beautiful', drink one shot of vodka.
When Jamie says 'Waz' or 'Waz it up', drink one shot of gin.
When Jamie says 'Fink' (think), drink a whole bottle of champagne.

4. The winner is the one that survives until the end of the show without throwing up.

Please note: Poptweetz does not condone drinking alcohol in large amounts, unless you have purchased expensive drinks.

Siobhan Fahey

There are very few (80's) popstars that remain to be both creative and youthful in appearance. Siobhan Fahey, an original member of Bananarama and creator of goth/electro group Shakespears Sister is one of the fortunate survivors of the eighties. As you can see from the photo, she is still amazing.

With a new album out, (Songs From The Red Room) and an equally amazing new video (It's Trip), it's clear that Siobhan still has massive star-quality. She now releases her material independently, which gives her greater control over the music she creates. The new music is typically quirky. There is no high-pitched falsetto vocals from Marcella Detriot as she left the band many years ago.
She's still a bit bonkers, but I can't help but love Siobhan. Check out her website / Her new material is available to download from iTunes and other retailers.


This is Florrie. She's been under my radar for a while now. Keep an eye on this one. Listen to 'Fascinate Me' (Fred Falke Edit) - it is fabulous.

If you like Annie and Robyn, you will surely like Florrie.

Monday, 25 October 2010

Nadine Coyle - Insatiable

Keeping on the topic of Girl's Aloud members. Nadine Coyle has been working on her solo album for something like 2 years. You would hope that the album is going to be a stonker after working on it for so long. I do hope so.

I prefer 'Insatiable' to Cheryl Cole's efforts, but there is no denying that it is also a little bland. The sound is dated but maybe that was the point (he hopes!). I'm not very good at predicting these things but I don't think that 'Insatiable' will be a huge hit for Nadine. Unfortunately from what I've read, music journo's are saying that the album tracks are on a similar plain.

I don't want to judge the album until I heard it myself but Nadine will have to release a brilliant follow up single - otherwise this project will possibly destroy her solo career, which will be very sad. Nadine has a fantastic voice. She gets such bad press but I try not to believe everything you read, and so should you!

I'm going to keep my fingers crossed for Nadine - and I'm also doing the same in hope for a brand new Girls Aloud album. Purrrlease.

Why I'm disappointed in Cheryl Cole....

There are many things I like about Cheryl Cole - a woman who is now labelled as a national treasure in the UK. I love seeing her playing judge on the X-Factor, bickering with Simon and scowling at Louis. She's gorgeous - and even as a gay man, I can appreciate that she is extremely easy on the eyes. I love that she is (was/maybe still/?) part of Girls Aloud, my second favourite girl group after Bananarama. I'm in no doubt that there is a lot to love about Cheryl.

However, unfortunately this article is not about loving the Newcastle lass. This article is actually about my huge disappointment about the way that her solo music career has panned out. 99.9% of Girls Aloud songs were fabulous. Therefore, I was expecting great things from Cheryl. I wasn't expecting copy-cat songs or solo recording of Girls Aloud demos that didn't make it on albums. I had expections that the songs would me both memorable and tuneful. I was expecting fun, fresh pop tunes with equally colourful videos. When Cheryl released her first single 'Fight For This Love', I was saddened because it sounded so flat. However, I (perhaps stupidly) thought that the follow-up album would be different. It wasn't. The album, in my opinion, is a massive dud. Not that it seemed to matter to the record buying public as they bought it in droves (shame on you).

Cheryl's new single 'Promise This' is just as uninspiring.

The album 'Messy Little Raindrops' is about to drop and there are preview clips everywhere. Listen and judge for yourself.

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Nigela Lawson - secret excerpts from her forthcoming book

I've been lucky enough to be given a copy of a manuscript for Nigela Lawson's next book. In the book she writes about her life, career..and of course there are lots of fabulous new recipies from the kitchen temptress.

Nigela's publishers have given me permission to publish some choice excerpts from the future best selling book.

"Being a foody superstar can be exhausting. I'm often invited to other celebrity chefs homes for parties, book launches or bare knuckle fights with Delia Smith. When I arrive home late at night, exhausted and lacking in 'sexual' energy, I'm usually desperate for some comfort food like my Easy Thai Soup which can be made in minutes....."

Easy Thai Soup
This recipe is completely effortless and delicious.

1. First open a bottle of expensive wine and pour half of it into a large wine glass.
2. Ask a member of your staff to make a large bowl of Thai Soup.
3. Thumb through various food magazines whilst drinking the wine.
4. Tear up press photos of Jamie Oliver because it's funny.
5. Ta da! Soup Ready. Delicious!

I think you'll agree that the book will be a huge success.

Next week Nigela writes about her frequent nightly trips to the fridge, and why she likes to store chocolate bars in her underwear for emergencies.

(The above Nigela story may not be entirely true. Infact it isn't true. Infact I made it up. Don't hate me.)

Monday, 18 October 2010

The Rules - Part 1

According to many a music critic, there are several important elements that make a good popstar. Charisma, individuality, a great personality and perhaps most importantly - a fantastic singing voice. ...but is that really true?

I've been a fan of pop music for most of life. Here is Part 1 my rules to make the 'perfect' popstar:

1. Personality.

It's not always one of the most essential characteristics (Hello Leona), but having a big personality helps. Remember the 'Spice Girls' early television appearances? From day one, it was clear that these girls were something special. Not only were they incredibly irritating, they were also fun, fresh and loud. A mix of terrible fashion and faultless pop songs. Amazing. In 2010, we are lacking in decent music television. Gone are the days of 'Top Of The Pops' when we were able to see brief glimpses of personality during performances. Today's pop stars have to rely on guest spots on Alan Titchmarsh, performing for an elderly audience that are mostly asleep.

2. Great Songs.

In these current times, it's hard to hear a decent pop song as most of them are indentical. The songs are possibly written and produced by the same person. A good pop song is easy to recognise. In most cases it can produce an instant response - "F**k, this is brilliant" - or "I will sell my children for this song on mp3".

3. Stupid Clothes.

Lady Gaga, nuff said.

...more soon...

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Viva Espana

I'm home and feeling super refreshed after spending a week in Mijas, a little village in southern Spain. I tend to go to Spain at least once a year. Mostly because I need a sun-fix, but also because I love to hang about Puerto Banus, a place extensively featured in a recent Piers Morgan documentary. Puerto Banus is a well known for its association with the boat-owning super rich. Whilst it's quite nice to rub shoulders with rich bitches and their elderly husbands, I like to enjoy sitting in the restaurants and spying on the passers-by. It's addictive. The seemingly young model-types are usually foiled by closer inspection - note: wrinkly hands and thinning hair. AND - you can't buy good taste. I'm seen so many hideous outfits - too many to count. It's nosey parker heaven.

Friday, 24 September 2010

My beloved Birmingham

I love Birmingham. I love everything about it. It's a diverse city. A city of fun. A mixing pot of cultures and the shopping is pretty darn good too.
Two years ago, me and my partner in crime moved from Birmingham to Norwich. Yes, Norwich. Norwich (East Anglia - or as Jade Goody once said, 'East Angular') thinks it's a city, but it's not really. Don't get me wrong, there are worse places to live - though on occasions I need to remind myself of this. It has a nice theatre, I suppose - but it's not vibrant and pretty much everything closes at 10pm. There has been occasions where we have been sitting in a restaurant at 9:30pm by ourselves. To say Norwich is not exciting is cruel - but I'm afraid that's not far from the truth.
Tonight, me and my man are travelling back to Birmingham for the weekend. I cannot wait to sit in a cocktail bar late at night and not be alone with bar staff sweeping up around my feet. Perhaps sipping on some champagne? - or something equally fabulous?

FYI - the most exciting person we have seen in Norwich is Christopher Biggins in Pizza Express in The Forum. Need I say more.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

True Confessions of a Bananarama fan

It's 1986. A year that I had hair (unlike now). A time where I would spend my pocket money on 7" vinyl, pop magazines and mountains of sweets. I was a massive fan of girl group legend 'Bananarama'. I still have a crush on them now. This was the year when they released 'True Confessions' - the album that included the massive global hit 'Venus'. It was a time of innocence. A time where I didn't realise that I would end up being a massive homosexual. The video to 'Venus' featured lots of scantily clad male dancers - but being so young, I barely noticed them. I was far more interested in the girly threesome, their ridiculous dance moves and the high-NRG pop music that was blasting out of my dodgy Sanyo stereo.
I desperately wanted to be Bananarama. I wanted to be prancing around in pop videos, singing with my mates and having a fabulous time. (Doesn't everyone want that?) I wanted their denim jackets. I wanted to be travelling the world and appearing on charity records with grumpy pop stars like Boy George.
When I look at the current pop music climate, I wonder where the fun has gone? I miss the ragged edges of eighties pop music. Back in the 80's, there was no high-tech studio tweaking. If somebody sang off-key, that was OK. Pop videos were silly, less glamorous but still fabulous.
Why do we still like the 'Eighties'? It's simple - it's because the nineties and noughties are less fun.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Alan and Kylie sitting in a tree (but not kissing obviously)

I thought I'd post this sweet picture of Kylie and Alan Carr - the photo was taken when she was a guest on his TV show a couple of months ago.

A few years ago I bumped into Alan in Manchester City Centre. I waved and ran over and we chatted. It was lovely and we said our goodbyes, hugged and went on our way. It was only five minutes afterwards when I realised that I actually don't know Alan personally. I had made the fatal error of assuming that we were actually 'friends' - when the reality is I've only ever known him by watching him on TV. MORTIFIED!

It's been a long time....

Well. It's been a long time since my last blog post. You may be asking yourself "What's he been up to?" Well, I've been busy as you might expect. I've stayed in a fantastic beachside apartment in Devon. I've recovered from an operation. I've been concentrating on work - which has been difficult due to a vast number of business changes and lost opportunities. It's been difficult but music has helped - it's my therapy.

If you follow my Twitter account, you will probably be aware of new obsession with the band 'Hurts' (see photo). Not only do I love their moody electronic pop songs, I also completely adore their styling. I'm not sure who has marketed them, but well done (whoever you are?).

Don't ask me why?, but I kind of hope they are both gays. It may have something to do with my twisted fantasy where both members are my boyfriends (*apologies to my current boyfriend of the last 6 years*).

I've also developed a mini obsession with Charity Shop window displays. My local 'Help The Aged' has a rather fetching display which always make me chuckle. Picture this - there is a large floral sofa in the window. An awkward female dummy (legs wide open) is perched on the sofa, she (ahem) is wearing a hideous (but equally 'amazing') 'pant / boiler suit' - she is also wearing a disco-style comedy blonde wig that was perhaps previously worn by the crazy lycra-clad dancer from 'Hitman & Her' back in 1989. If that doesn't make you want to go in and purchase something, I don't know what will.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Kylie's back!

Is it suprising that a gay man like myself loves Kylie? Could it be the timeless pop tunes? The half naked male dancers? ....or is it simply because Kylie is lovely? Nobody dislikes Kylie. She is a shining star in a sky of murky clouds. Pop may well be saved after all.

Sunday, 28 February 2010

Bananarama - the drama, the album, the hits!

Bananarama release a new single in April. The song 'Love Don't Live Here' is a track on their lastest album 'Viva' which was released late last year. The album is an electro-pop corker, but many of you may not even release this.
Now a duo, Bananarama have been working constantly over the years. They may not release a new album or single every year - but they are a band that is still very much in demand. Whether they are recording performances for French TV shows, or performing for thousands at South Aftrican charity gigs....people still love Bananarama.
The main problem that Bananarama have to tackle is that people label them as an 'eighties band'. Perhaps even a novelty act. True - their biggest hits were in the eighties. Songs like Venus, Cruel Summer and I Heard a Rumour will remain pop classics for years. However, Bananarama are more than an eighties act. They write and have more input into their careers than many current artists. They are not puppets - infact they have managed themselves before. They are role models for women in the music industry. In the early eighties, they were successful in an industry that was mostly dominated by men....and much hasn't changed. They are still as fiesty as ever with a drive to continue working in the business that they love.
If you remember Bananarama ....and even if you are too young to remember them, buy the current album 'Viva' and you won't be disappointed. It's great pop music. Fun, fresh and typically Bananarama.

Monday, 15 February 2010

Cheryl Cole - Fool for love?

Cheryl Cole is one of the UK most recognised celebrities. A member of pop band 'Girls Aloud', a successful solo singer and a judge on the prime time, mega money machine that is 'X-Factor'.

In recent years, the media has been focusing on her marriage to top footballer Ashley Cole. Ashley's antics have been the basis of many negative stories. With so many sordid allegations in the press, it's hard to forecast what Cheryl will do in the future. Will she continue to stay with Ashley?
No doubt, many writers are penning stories with glee. Poor Cheryl. That rat Ashley etc....
It's not clear what's going on behind closed doors. However it must be a terrible strain on Cheryl as she is at the peak of her career. A career that apparently will take her to America later this year.
The question is....will she be able to cope in the glare of the US press as well?



Monday, 18 January 2010

Speaking of sexy things....

Christina Aguilera has a new album out on March. It's called 'Bionic'.

Apparently it's going to be very upbeat and fabulous. It also has some production from Goldfrapp on it.

Most exciting.

Why is our Sex Education Failing?

There has been lots of media coverage today about our countries (UK) Sex Education in schools. The stastics for Teenage Pregnancies and STD's are still shocking.

Whilst everyone argues about the rights and wrongs of how we are tackling it, people are looking to other countries for inspiration. The Netherlands has a very different attitude towards Sex and this has proven to be successful in reducing unwanted pregnancies and the transfer of sexual diseases. Someone made a very valid point about how the Netherlands tackle this issue. They have a very different set of family values. For example: familes sit and talk to each other.

UK culture has obviously taken quite a battering over the 40/50 years. My grandma used to tell me stories about her younger days and how family was important. She used to talk about 'extended familes' and how friends and neighbours would rally around to help each other. Of course life was very different in those days.

It seems a shame that we have lost some of that. Although I've never had a particularly close relationhip with my family. It's clear that we need to set the seeds of cultural change sooner or later, because we are not heading for a positive future unless we change how society views each other.

My friend and colleague Lisa told me a funny story this morning. Her husband and teenage son Sam were shopping in Boots the chemist. Sam noticed a large display of condoms and asked his dad about the different types. His dad was quite embarrassed, but in spite of that he answered the question as best as he could. The story made me chuckle, but then I thought about how fantastic it must be to have that kind of relationship with your dad. I would have never asked my dad a question like that. They are a very close family and it's clear to me that they will always confide in each other, even when tackling difficult subjects such as Sex Ed. Maybe some of us Brits do have a Netherlands attitude towards sex after all?

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Dannii's happy news

I was really pleased to read about Dannii Minogue's pregnancy news. She's had a rough ride over the past few years.

There was a time when Dannii's ex X-Factor colleague Sharon Osbourne seemed to be slating her in every interview. Graham Norton also seemed to revel in making nasty comments about Dannii on his TV show - which is pathetic considering the fact that Graham is basically a one-trick-pony, lacking in any form of depth or emotion. He's basically no different to any other bitchy queen that can found in every gay bar across the country. Somehow he has forged a career from it?

Head First

I am sooooooo excited about the new Goldfrapp album, 'Head First'. It's out in March and the single 'Rocket' should precede it.

Isn't the cover artwork lovely?

Pop 2010

So, we're half way through January and my mind has turned to thoughts about what the rest of the year will hold. In recent years, Pop Music has had sort of a rough ride, with very few artists showing actual personality. For example, Pixie Lott for one. A 'nice' girl with some 'nice' enough songs - but she's not exactly a force to be reckoned with in the personality stakes.

...and... It's not that I'm opposed to manufactured pop - although some would say that this is to blame. There has always been manufactered pop music. It's not a new idea and it will continue for many years to come. If we didn't have manufactured artists, we wouldn't have 'Girls Aloud' - one of the saving graces of Pop in recent years.

I guess I have issues with quality control. So many songs in the charts are depressing. I miss the days of chirpy popstars - artists that are genuinely having fun. Creative artists...Vocal artists...Happy artists!

I tire of the depressing songs and I really don't want to read the negative stories anymore.

Of course we should have variety in music - but I really hope that 2010 brings back the fun in music.

Kylie will be back with a new album this year. Sophie Ellis Bextor is too....and hopefully there are many more 'fun' artists gathering momentum, smiling and planning their 2010 chart assault in a 'postive' light...because let's face it, 2009 was pretty sh*t for most us. I think it's time to bring back the fun in pop.

Punk Forever

Though I was very young in the late seventies, I've always been interested in Punk music. In fact at one time, I desperately wanted to be Siouxsie Sioux (crazy hair and all).

There is a Punk Art exhibition in Bangor, Wales which I'd just love to go to. I'm off to Wales soon for my friend Rhiannon's hen party (Girls and Gays only) but I don't think I'll be able to make this exhibition. It's titled 'Punk Forever' - indeed!

This is the official website:

...and this a marvellous mini gallery of what you can expect:

Rock on!

Supermarket Rage

There is something about Tesco's that sucks the very life out of me. Infact, I'd also include Asda in this catergory.

Walking around the store is like pacing around a cattle market. A sea of ignorant individuals, walking blindly, unaware and to be honest....quite ugly too. **Apologies to those Tesco's customers that are both handsome and intelligent. It's just that I don't see them when I go.**

This morning, we went into a local Tesco's as we'd found out that the exchange rate on Euro's was pretty good. Well done Tesco's. As we were there anyway, we decided to buy a few groceries and so we spent the next half hour dodging a terrifying collection of characters from all walks of life (and me). As usual, when we reached the checkout there were massive queues on the tills. So we decided to use the 'self service' scanners - big mistake. Why does this always seem like a good idea? It was another half hour before we left the store after finally finding someone to assist us and the crazy scanner.

Shopping at Tesco's would be a much better experience if it was set in a Roller Disco. I wouldn't mind the dodgy checkout issues if I could be skating around the store to the sound of Donna Summer whilst searching for a large jar of Helmans.. Take note, Tesco's!

Taping it....

I love our Hard Drive recorder for our TV. It's a fantastic piece of tech - but I still keeping refering to it as taping programmes, despite there being no actual tape involved. No matter how many times I tell myself this, I still can resist saying it.

My friend Neil is a real techie. His idea of heaven is to spend hours in Maplin browsing through the various electronic gadgets. Now that I'm 36, I'm finding myself increasingly drawn to Lakeland ( to browse through the hundreds of useful and completely useless items. It's become another of my obsessions.

Sometimes I feel terribly old - but thankfully when I look at most of my peers I'm reminded of how youthful and fabulous I actually am, despite my Lakeland issues...

Saturday, 16 January 2010

On a Mission

I've been raving about this track constantly over the past few days.... and I'm still obsessed by it.
It's Gabriella Cilmi's new single, 'On a Mission'. It's out in the UK in March.

I know it's wrong....

...but I really want this....

Is this the end of Reality TV?

Unless you've spent the last ten years living in a foreign jail for drug related crimes, I'm sure you've probably heard of Big Brother.

Auditions have recently started for the last season of the show in UK. In recent years the viewing figures have reduced, along with quality of the show if I'm honest. When BB first appeared on British TV screens back in 2000 it was fresh and exciting. It's clear that the shock value isn't there anymore and it feels that the shows creative people haven't evolved the format enough. Friends and colleagues have theorised about the shows failings - and the common feeling is that the producers have also often chosen housemates that simply aren't that entertaining. It is amazing to think that some of these individuals passed a supposedly thorough application process before being chosen. Were they really the best people they found from the many thousands of wannabe fame-seekers?

However, whilst Big Brother is disappearing from British TV screens, other Reality shows are still proving to be as popular as ever. For example, 'Strictly Come Dancing' and 'Dancing On Ice' are and remain huge prime time TV hits.

Of course Reality TV will be popular for many years to come, but I wonder where this format will go in future? What lengths will TV producers go to in their attempts to keep the viewers watching? What totureous activities will former celebs and Joe public be asked to endure for a hefty paycheck - or the grand prize that is 'fame'?

How long will it be until we see 'Celebrity - Fight To The Death'? - a show where z-list celebs fight each other to the death using old copies of their biographies. ...or will Big Brother come back in 2025 as 'Big Brother in Space'? 25 celebrities live on a space station orbitting the earth, the winner is allowed to come home....

So You Thing You Can Dance? truth, yes.

The male dancers body is a thing of great beauty (...and I'm sure to some, the female dancers body also holds a certain appeal). How I would love to have that body....but unless I'm prepared to spend countless hours learning to dance - and no doubt to spend even more hours working out at the gym, I fear that this will never happen. I don't think I'm prepared to squeeze myself in a tight body stocking quite yet. The idea of a 36 year old man throwing himself around a dance studio doesn't fill my mind with gleeful images (someone should tell Madonna).

I'm back....

The world of blogging can be quite dangerous. Sometimes it feels great to be creative and to write my thoughts and opinions. Then there are times when it becomes almost like an addiction.

My worst blogging experience happened a few months ago when I received some incredibly nasty e-mails from a certain media individual that will remain nameless. A person that can only be described as 'living in fantasy world'. This was a time when I questioned whether I wanted to continue writing. To be fair, that was also a time when I was going through a whole heap of personal problems. I'm sure that had I been stronger, I would have probably ignored it and laughed it off.

Thankfully, I am in a very different place at the moment. So I've decided that creating this new blog might be a fun thing after all.