Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Play the Jamie Oliver drinking game!!!

Lovely, lovely Jamie Oliver is back on our TV screens with a new series of 30 minute meals.

To celebrate this cracking show, I've developed a new game.

1. First things first, invite 3 or 4 mates around to your house.
2. Line up the drinks.
3. Watch an episode of Jamie's new fantabulicious new TV show and follow these rules:

When Jamie says 'Beautiful', drink one shot of vodka.
When Jamie says 'Waz' or 'Waz it up', drink one shot of gin.
When Jamie says 'Fink' (think), drink a whole bottle of champagne.

4. The winner is the one that survives until the end of the show without throwing up.

Please note: Poptweetz does not condone drinking alcohol in large amounts, unless you have purchased expensive drinks.

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