Monday, 25 October 2010

Why I'm disappointed in Cheryl Cole....

There are many things I like about Cheryl Cole - a woman who is now labelled as a national treasure in the UK. I love seeing her playing judge on the X-Factor, bickering with Simon and scowling at Louis. She's gorgeous - and even as a gay man, I can appreciate that she is extremely easy on the eyes. I love that she is (was/maybe still/?) part of Girls Aloud, my second favourite girl group after Bananarama. I'm in no doubt that there is a lot to love about Cheryl.

However, unfortunately this article is not about loving the Newcastle lass. This article is actually about my huge disappointment about the way that her solo music career has panned out. 99.9% of Girls Aloud songs were fabulous. Therefore, I was expecting great things from Cheryl. I wasn't expecting copy-cat songs or solo recording of Girls Aloud demos that didn't make it on albums. I had expections that the songs would me both memorable and tuneful. I was expecting fun, fresh pop tunes with equally colourful videos. When Cheryl released her first single 'Fight For This Love', I was saddened because it sounded so flat. However, I (perhaps stupidly) thought that the follow-up album would be different. It wasn't. The album, in my opinion, is a massive dud. Not that it seemed to matter to the record buying public as they bought it in droves (shame on you).

Cheryl's new single 'Promise This' is just as uninspiring.

The album 'Messy Little Raindrops' is about to drop and there are preview clips everywhere. Listen and judge for yourself.

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