Saturday, 5 February 2011

Replay: Rihanna - SOS

The year was 2006, and Rihanna wasn't quite as famous as she is now.  'SOS' was the one of the stand-out singles of the year due it's creative sampling of a Soft Cell song.  Doesn't she look different now?!

Lady Gaga - Born This Way

The single 'Born This Way' will have its premiere on 13th February and there are millions of fans across the globe eagerly waiting. 





It's not long now.  We'll be super excited to hear the song - but we're even more excited about the accompanying video!

Paloma Faith

The lovely (and slighty bonkers) Paloma Faith is currently recording her 2nd album, which according to reports should be a more up-tempo affair. 
I wonder if she will stick with the same image, as she is famous for her love of vintage and outlandish clothes.  'New York' was one of my favourite singles of 2009 (we won't mention the pointless 2010 version with Ghostface Killah).

Vivienne Westwood designs for Red Nose Day

The 2011 Red Nose Day charity event is even more special this year.  Fashion designer Vivienne Westwood has designed a range of T-Shirts.

You can purchase them here:

Friday, 4 February 2011

Follow me on Twitter

In the past few weeks, viewers of Poptweetz have shot up!

If you don't know already, you can follow my exploits, my opinions and gripes... along with some all-important music and media news by following me in real-time (!) on Twitter.  You know you want to!

Replay: Kylie Minogue - Please Stay

Unashamedly camp and worth seeing again and again.  A dance routine to die for.  The only thing that could make this camper is if Christopher Biggins was playing pinball in the background.

Mcfly get goo'd! (and waxed!)

It’s All About Goo….

McFly enroll in Cadbury Creme Egg’s Goo Dares Wins

Demonstrating their bravery, McFly have signed up to play Cadbury Creme Egg’s - Goo Dares Wins, the nation’s biggest game of dare. Taking on the mischievous Creme Egg, the boys have been challenged with a series of dares to get through this Creme Egg Season.

From bathing in a bath of Creme Egg Goo to having their legs waxed, the boys will be joining the nation in taking on the Creme Egg, in order to earn points for the Spots team and Stripes team.

Goo Dares Wins is Creme Egg’s anarchic twist on Spots v Stripes, with the aim of egging the nation on to play and submit their own dares to win points for their chosen team.

McFly’s dares are hosted at the Dare Headquarters (, where you can also vote on which of the boys you would like to get Goo-d!!

The Dare Headquarters also provides the opportunity for uploads to be voted video of the week while players can compete to be named the highest individual points scorer and with even the accolade of overall best dare up for grabs.

Goo Dares Wins started on January 1st and will finish on April 24th

For more information visit or

Dionne Bromfield

15 year old singer Dionne Bromfield has a very famous godmother.  Can you guess who it is?  I'll give you a clue - they tried to make her go to rehab.  No, it's not Courtney Love or one of the's soul goddess and tabloid queen, Amy Winehouse.  'Yeah Right' is Dionne's new single which will be released on Amy's label, 'Lioness Records'.  It features a young chap (also pictured above) called Diggy Simmons.  Dionne has a great voice, but I'm afraid this song is bland and it doesn't do her justice.  Check out the 'Behind The Scenes' video and make your own mind up.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Homophobia on Twitter

In the past, I've been unfortunate to be on the receiving end of some homophobic comments on Twitter.  I can recall one particular incident where the remarks came from someone who I thought I got on well with.  Though the tweets took a sinister turn when he realised that I'm gay and a tirade of abuse came shortly afterwards.  It was bizarre because it's not something I've shyed away from discussing on Twitter.  It's mentioned in my profile and I often discuss aspects of my life on there, as any other Tweeter does. 

Yesterday, the following tweet was brought to my attention:

"Im not up for the whole Gay rights thing so if your gay Gladly unfollow me"

At my age (mid-thirties - but still hot!), I'm afraid I find things hard to let go - and to read such a comment from a young girl was particularly sad.  The young girl in question claims to be a fan of  'One Direction' (X-Factor) and Disney.  I admit, I took some pleasure in informing her that 'One Direction' recently performed to a crowd of gay men at the popular London club night G-A-Y.  I doubt that they would appreciate such homophobic remarks from someone who follows their career.  I was also keen to mention that Disney organises specific 'gay days' and that it's a gay friendly organisation. 

When her behaviour was questioned by other people, she decided to ignore the issue by stating that people were against her rights for 'Freedom of Speech', which was completely untrue.   I won't stop challenging homophobic people.   I kind of feel that it's my duty as a gay adult man to make it clear that such behaviour is wrong.  It's only by challenging homophobia that we can start to correct the problems that every gay person experiences.  It's important for the next generation of gay youngsters.

The girl with the social problems is Muslim, and I have no problem with anyones right to practice religion.  I have friends from all backgrounds and different religions and they all treat with the same respect as anyone else.  However, I do struggle to be tolerant of someone who says that they don't believe in 'Gay Rights'.  So, what did she mean?  Does she think that gay people should be segrigated?  Does she think that gay people should not be allowed to work?  What have gay people done to deserve no rights?  I'll never know what her thoughts are because she blocked me the very next day. 

It's a crying shame that there are lots of ignorant people who use their religion as a means to justify their bad behaviour.  I'll admit, I was waiting for her to quote religious text.  I'm afraid the world has moved on since the scrolls were first written.  We have iPads and Kindles, contraception, life-saving drugs, television, The Simpsons etc... I'm afraid I'd have a hard time trying to make sacred words from a different age relevant today.

Despite her beliefs that gay people are second class: If saw her in trouble, perhaps if she tripped and fell over and injured herself?  I would help her to her feet and make sure that she was OK.  I doubt she would offer me the same kind of kindness. 

I just hope that her brother or sister are not gay.  That her friends are all comfortable with their sexuality.  That she never meets another woman who she then finds strangely attractive.

I'm not going to go away.  The millions of other gay people are not going to go away.  The future gay people will be born into this world.  It's time to knock homophobia on the head for good. 

What I do in the bedroom is no concern of yours? 
Whoever I decide to love, is also no concern of yours? 

If there is a god, he made me.  He made me into the person I am - funny and incredibly attractive....and gay.  Though the gay part was only just the seasoning in the mix.  The important ingredients are the heart, the love and the fact that I'm a decent person. 

I have played a postive role in society.  Can the homophobes say that? 

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Replay: Kele Le Roc - My Love

When Kele Le Roc first hit the music scene, I had high hopes for her.  I loved her debut single 'Little Bit Of Lovin' and the follow-up single was rather lovely too.  Unfortunately she didn't reach the high expectations of her record company and was dropped after releasing just one album, despite winning 2 MOBO Awards.
Since then, Kele has worked on various collaborations and projects, including the fantatsic 'Romeo' with dance superstars 'Basement Jaxx'. However, I'd like to focus on 'My Love' - the MOBO Award winning second single from this much underated artist.

Monday, 31 January 2011

Comedy: Pam Ann

Pam Ann is the alter ego of Australian comedy genius Caroline Reid.  I've been fortunate to see her perform live twice and she is an absolute hoot.  Using airline staff as inspiration, she plays various hilarious characters such as Valerie from American Airlines and the horsey Mona from BA.  Her act involves lots of audience interaction and therefore you need a certain amount of bravery to attend in case she picks on you.
Check her out here:

Replay: Bananarama: Look On The Floor (Hypnotic Tango)

In 2005, Bananarama released a single titled 'Look On The Floor (Hypnotic Tango).  It didn't blow the UK charts on fire, but it did quite well in Europe and in the US Dance charts.  It was even nominated in 2 categories at the International Dance Music Awards.  It's a great song and even the B side, 'Live In The Sun' deserves a mention.  Here is the video for your enjoyment.

Glee sing Florence

Love it!  This is a little treat for UK fans who are yet to see this song on TV.  Of course, those lucky US fans are way ahead of us.

Vivienne Westwood Blues

I'm so annoyed with myself.  I should have bought this Vivienne Westwood Orb ring in Silver when I saw it at a fabulous sale price.  It has now sold out.  I shall never recover from this pain. EVER!  I might have to pay full price for it.  This is the worst thing that has ever happened to me. Drama queen? Me?

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Wow!: Adele is number one!

A massive congratulations to Adele who has gone to number one in the UK album charts with her second album, 21.  It's a massive feat because she sold 208k copies and it's also the biggest selling January album for 5 years.

Her debut album, 19, is also currently number four.
2011 is going to be a huge year for this outstanding artist.  She is also currently on the cover of US industry magazine 'Billboard'.

What's happening with the Sugababes?

Well, apparently they are in the studio recording a new album which should hopefully be released this year.  I've always liked the Sugababes, but if I'm honest, I'm tired of the drama.  Let's hope that there is less bad press and a return to form in 2011.

In the UK on 28th February, a new budget collection will be released.  The tracklist is unknown but 'Push The Button: The Collection' is expected to include a mix of singles and album tracks, and who knows? - maybe an unreleased gem will make the cut?  As it's only a budget release, it's likely that there won't be any promotion or accompanying singles.

Are you excited about the Sugababes return in 2011?