Friday, 4 November 2011

Songs of 2011 - Nerina Pallot / Put Your Hands Up

It's the time of the year when I start to write and reflect about what's happened since the beginning of the year, musically.

Nerina Pallot's 'Put Your Hands Up' is a definite highlight of the year for me. Never has the title of a song been so apt.  There are few songs that have an instant affect on me, such as this brilliant single from Pallot.

Listening to Nerina makes me wonder why she isn't a household name yet?  It's baffling.  She's been around for a while and released her first album 10 years ago.  She's certainly a recognised talent in the music industry.  Although she hasn't reached huge success when you look at the chart stats, she has however managed to carve a decent career for herself and 4 albums worth of material.  Not to mention writing credits for artists such as Kylie Minogue and Diana Vickers.

Nerina's album 'Year of the Wolf' is out now.

Nerina loves a big hat

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Let Capital FM Pimp your facebook status!

Capital FM and some of the UK’s hottest artists are giving you the chance to pimp your facebook status.  

Simply visit the Capital FM facebook page and enter your status. Once you’ve let the world know what’s on your mind,  hit ‘Pimp My Status’ and Capital FM will give your status a cheeky makeover adding a exclusive video from your favourite artists alongside.

Hot artists that could be spicing up your status include JLS, The Saturdays, Tinie Tempah, Jason Derulo and The Wanted.

So what are you waiting for get pimping your status now! 

Amy Winehouse - Lioness

It's still hard to believe that Amy Winehouse has gone.  She seemed to live a terribly sad existence over the past years, with so many media reports about drug and alcohol addictions - not to mention the unhealthy relationship she had with 'Blake'.  It's difficult but we should try to focus on the positive things we are told about Amy. 

She was a generous soul who apparently used to invite homeless people into her own home and cook them a meal.  Amy was sensitive, funny and incredibly creative.  The legacy of her music will continue - and I'll admit that I was little suprised that we would be getting a new album so soon after her death.  Cynics will say that this is a ploy to christmas sales.  That may be or may not be the case.  I'm a little more considered in my opinion.  Fans (like myself) want to hear more music, as long as it up to a standard that Amy herself (and perhaps her family and friends) would be happy with.  I'm not so bothered about the timing of it, or the finanical aspect as it doesn't really matter because no record company is about to give away an album for free, so why argue about sales, finances and marketing? 

This morning we got to hear 2 cuts from the album: 'Lioness: Hidden Treasures'.  Both tracks are gorgeous and I'm glad that we get to feel like we have a little more Amy in our lives.

The new album will be released in the UK on 5th December.  You can preorder it here: click here