Friday, 24 June 2011

Style: Habitat

The news that yet another (much loved, in my eyes) retail chain has gone into administration is very sad.  It feels like our high streets are going down hill.  Certainly in regards to Habitat, many stores have not made the necessary changes to keep afloat during these hard times.  Even the wealthy are holding onto to their pennies. 

Perhaps a chain like Habitat should have been creating more affordable ranges? I don't have all the answers, but I bet Mary Portas has a few ideas.  This is what she said on Twitter: " ...its been a long time since Habitat was brilliant. Some private equity running it without vision or taste has led to this. Its sad". 

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Celebrity Reality TV: career destroyer or saviour?

It's very easy to have an opinion about the celebrities that appear on reality TV shows such as 'I'm a celebrity...get me out of here'.  To most people, and perhaps quite rightly, it's their idea of hell.  The celeb contestants are filmed 24 hours a day and made to do all sorts of embarrassing (and in some cases revolting) tasks in an attempt to win first place.  Surely the only people that sign up to these shows are those celebs who are desperate and penniless? - or are we too quick to judge?

"This show is boring" said Granny Poptweetz
Reality TV shows are not only a common occurance.  They are also a ratings winner.  Should we be really judging the people that sign up?  Should we be congratuling them for making a smart move?  After all, that exposure can give a star many more opportunties - such as magazine interviews, advertising and endorsements...?  The exposure can help promote a book, a tour or a new album.  The rewards could be amazing. Unless of course you are not seen in a good light.  It's a difficult decision to make.

Celebrities should think hard.  Are they willing to let the public see all of their flaws?  No matter how good an actor or actress, nobody can keep up an act 24 hours a day.

The news that Rachel Stevens (solo performer and former singer with S Club 7) has apparently signed up for Celebrity Big Brother on Channel 5 is not a shock in the sense that we haven't seen much of her recently.  According to rumours, she will be realising some new material via 'Fascination Records' which is home to The Saturdays.  I can't confirm either story.  In case you have forgotten who Rachel is, see the below video:

Madonna's next album - who will produce?

The recent news that Madonna has started preparing for a new album is sending fans into a frenzy.  The latest rumour (courtesy of ) is that Madge might be collaborating with Jim Steinman.  To those that didn't know, Jim has produced and written some of pop's most celebrated songs for artists such as Celine Dion and Meatloaf. 

According to the source, Joe Henry is a definite collaborator - and you may remember Joe as he worked on 'Don't Tell Me' and 'Jump'.  I admire Joe greatly as he appeared on Julia Fordham's 'Concrete Love' album, duetting with Julia on the haunting track 'Alleluia'.

Many Madonna fans are hoping that she will reunite with William Orbit as he did such a fabulous job on the 'Ray of Light' album. 

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Pit stains, bad hair days and dodgy pants

Admit it.  You love to criticise people.  You love to sit outside a cafe, watch the people go by and comment on their appearance.  You like to think that you are better than them.  Well, quite frankly who doesn't?

We all love to judge people and even if we think we are grounded and fair people, there is no denying that we all take a bit of pleasure from talking about folks bad hair.  I'm probably one of the worst culprits for doing it but I don't do it in a mailicious way.  I don't confront those people (even though it takes all of my strength not to).

The thing is, none of us are perfect (although I am nearly there).  I realise that I don't have a right to comment on why a woman in her mid sixties is wearing a mini ra-ra.  I dare say that some people don't like the clothes I wear (although, let's face it, I seriously doubt that).

Open the pages of any weekly gossip magazine and you are confronted by a series of photos of celebs looking worse for wear - but I don't mind that - it reminds me that we're all the same.  We all have pit stains from time to time and most of us never look good in the morning.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Florrie: This woman can do no wrong!!!

DJ Earworm ‘Party on the Floor’

DJ Earworm’s been mashing up the latest chart topping tunes again. This time the incredible mashup was made for Capital FM's 2011 Summertime Ball at London's Wembley Stadium. 'Party on the Floor' features all the artist from this year's huge event including Jennifer Lopez, JLS, Nicole Scherzinger and The Wanted. 

It makes me sad that I wasn't able to go this time. The line-up was so brilliant! 

Poptweetz loves: Jill Scott

Ever since I saw the fabulously sassy video to Gettin' in the Way, Jill Scott's debut single, I've been a huge fan. 

After sorting out some problems concerning recording contracts, Jill is back with a new album titled 'the Light of the Sun' and it looks like it's going to debut in the US album charts at no1.  It's her first album in 4 years.

Jill is an incredible artist.  She has a fantastic jazz / soul voice but she doesn't have have quite the same size of fanbase in the UK yet.  I hope that changes very soon.

France - more photos...

Monday, 20 June 2011

Retro: Scream (UK Horror Comic)

Oh joy! Whilst I've been (getting drunk and binging on cheese) relaxing in France, I've also be indulging in several retro activities - listening to old music I'd forgotten about and reading old comics from the eighties.  'Scream!' was a horror comic that only lasted about 15 issues.  It was brilliant and apparently pristine issues are selling on ebay for a fortune.  Hang onto those magazines, folks! There's money to be made!

Free fangs - that was a draw for me.  Oh to be young again....

Off and On - Sophie versus Roisin - Which is best?

'Off and On' is a track that appears on Sophie Ellis Bextor's new album 'Make a Scene'.  There has been a few demos that hit the web (naughty people!) - I think there was 2 versions by Sophie and at least one by Roisin Murphy.....but which is best?

Sophie or Roisin? (Well, they are both so similiar - apart from the vocals...and both artists are fabulous)  Conclusion: I have too much time on my hands.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Rye Rye feat Robyn - Never Will Be Mine

Rye Rye featuring the fabulous Robyn.

Kerry Katona

I had the ...(insert appropriate word) fortune / misfortunate... of meeting Kerry Katona in Croydon a few weeks ago.  She seemed happy and was looking after her daughters.

I'm afraid I struggle with the concept of Kerry Katona, like I struggle with the concept of Katy Price.  What purpose do they have?  I know that the public loves to read about Kerry but I'm not sure why.  I can't put Kerry in the same catergory as reality TV stars because she did start out as a member of Atomic Kitten (a girl band).  She found fame before the reality shows and she was married to a former member of Westlife.  The only purpose I can think of is that Kerry reminds us that our lives are not so bad.  Sure, we all complain about our own lives from time to time.  We might not have (had) the money that she has (or had), but at least most of us are relatively untroubled.

...and now there is another drama in Kerry's life, she has apparently been dumped by her manager.  I guess that's another story to sell and more cash in Kerry's pocket.

Fighting a losing cause?

There have been many media reports about Cheryl Cole and Ashley, the supposed secret meetings and perhaps even a reconciliation.  We'll probably never know what the exact story is because I'm sure that all of the reports include very little truths and vasts amounts of speculation.  However, if there is even a little truth in the fact that Cheryl is apparently still in love in him, I'm afraid I cannot even try to understand why.   I don't want to judge Cheryl so I won't try to.  However, when I reflect on my previous relationships and those of friends, when something ends, I like to close the door tightly shut.  When there are issues concerning trust and betrayal, it's hard to even consider allowing that person back and the risks of getting hurt again.  I know that people make mistakes but I don't feel that I'm capable of cheating on anyone.  As human beings, we have the capacity to make decisions and know what is right and wrong.