Sunday, 19 June 2011

Fighting a losing cause?

There have been many media reports about Cheryl Cole and Ashley, the supposed secret meetings and perhaps even a reconciliation.  We'll probably never know what the exact story is because I'm sure that all of the reports include very little truths and vasts amounts of speculation.  However, if there is even a little truth in the fact that Cheryl is apparently still in love in him, I'm afraid I cannot even try to understand why.   I don't want to judge Cheryl so I won't try to.  However, when I reflect on my previous relationships and those of friends, when something ends, I like to close the door tightly shut.  When there are issues concerning trust and betrayal, it's hard to even consider allowing that person back and the risks of getting hurt again.  I know that people make mistakes but I don't feel that I'm capable of cheating on anyone.  As human beings, we have the capacity to make decisions and know what is right and wrong.

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