Monday, 28 November 2011

Bananarama 30th Anniversary

Next year will be iconic girl band Bananarama's 30th anniversary.  It's hard to believe that 30 years have gone by since Bananarama first appeared on the music scene.  The band have achieved so much over the last 3 decades. 
The cover for 'Wow' features Bruno Tolioni -
he's the guy in the centre that Sara is clutching onto!
Band member Sara has indicated that there will be news coming about the anniversary.  Sara responded to a tweet from a fan on Twitter: "lots of news to come VERY soon!"  Back in August they tweeted that they are planning several projects - a book, DVD, Greatest Hits album and a tour.  The finer details are unknown at the moment and fans are speculating about what kind of book is being planned.  It might be a 'tell all' biography (although that is doubtful as in the past Keren and Sara have not seemed keen) or maybe a photo book documenting all of the major moments in their career.  I'd love to read a book that details all of the main events in their career... Siobhan's leaving, the chart successes, Band Aid, Jacquie and maybe it could even include some input from some of their famous friends from the era like George Michael.

Overseas fans are also hoping that a tour will extend beyond the UK.  In the past, the ladies have hinted about a possible live DVD.  Fans are enthusiastic about this but most hope for a collection of all of their videos.  With DVD collections being released frequently, it's hard to believe that a DVD hasn't happened already.
Some Bananarama Facts

Bananarama have one US number one single to their belt.  'Venus' hit the top of the Billboard charts in 1986.  A feat that is still quite rare for a UK act.

There has been a number of Bananarama parodies over the years, including one by Tracey Ullman and comedy act French & Saunders - who later performed with them on a charity single for Comic Relief.

French & Saunders and Kathy Burke's parody of Bananarama was brilliant fun.
The ladies thought it was hilarious.
In the early days, Bananarama practiced their act in the Sex Pistols old rehearsal room.  Ex-Sex Pistols drummer Paul Cook produced their first single.

After releasing the single 'Robert DeNiro's Waiting', DeNiro himself phoned the ladies and asked to met them.  At first, they didn't believe it was him, but they later went out for a drink and rumour has it that DeNiro was quite taken by Sara!

When seminal band The Specials split and Terry Hall formed 'Fun Boy Three', he spotted Bananarama in the pages of the fashionable magazine 'The Face', and the 2 bands later collaborated on 2 hit singles.

Original member Siobhan Fahey left and went onto form the highly successful 'Shakespear's Sister'.

When Siobhan left the band, Sara and Keren recruited friend Jacquie O'Sullivan, who went onto record one album with the band and tour the world on their 1989 Greatest Hits Tour.