Saturday, 25 February 2012

Goldfrapp - The Singles

Goldfrapp are a British duo who have released so many iconic songs since their creation back in 1999.  It's brilliant that they can be celebrated by the release of 'Goldfrapp - The Singles' (out now!)

The collection includes 2 amazing new tracks.  'Melancholy Sky' and 'Yellow Halo'.

Check out the above promotion video.

Whitney Houston: RIP

The media frenzy around the story of Whitney Houston's death was unsurprising.  Her (un)private life has been the subject of tabloid and gossip magazines for years now.  The breakdowns, addictions and marital issues were hard to read because Whitney was loved by so many.  What a talent.  That voice.  That unmistakable voice.  It's so sad.

Monday, 16 January 2012

Sunday, 15 January 2012

The changing face of shopping

Phew! Another successful shopping trip!
I love to shop.  I like to walk into town (which is only a stones throw away) and go into my favourite haunts, browsing through the rails or inspecting things on shelves.  I love it!  Although, it's also become quite a depressing activity. How many more recognised high street brands are closing down because of falling sales?  I guess there are several things to blame for this:

The rise of the supermarkets

The supermarkets have taken over.  Large chains have gotten larger.  What used to be considered a large superstore is now dwarfed by even larger stores...  I believe that there is a Sainsbury's a few miles away from my home that is so huge, you need a buggy to drive around it! (slight exaggeration)

It's not only the size of the stores that have changed.  The sheer range of items has increased.  They now sell everything from TV's, bikes, camping equipment etc..  They even own their own mobile phone companies, sell insurance and have their own banks!  The supermarkets are massively convenient for most people.  Why go to another store, when you can buy everything you need in one big store?

The big chains have also taken over our smaller high streets.  In many areas, you won't be able to find any small independent 'corner' shops.  Now, in their place, you'll see a Tesco's Express or something similar.

Independents or smaller companies just can't compete with the prices that the large companies offer customers.

Advantages:  Convenience, Price, Decent parking

Disadvantages:  Many big stores are out of town, Quality of service can vary, Lacks individuality - personality and style

The internet

Companies that sell via the internet don't have the same costs as those on the high street, and they can pass those savings onto the customers.  It's a price war - and if you have a busy life and don't have the time to go into a shop, why try to?  Just order your shopping to be delivered.  It convenient and it's often cheaper.  You can't blame people for looking for internet bargains if the discounts are so significant.

Advantages: Large discounts, Easy to do price comparisons

Disadvantages:  You can't pick up and feel items before purchasing, Delivery periods are not always great, Security


Sadly, it seems that our high streets are still going to dwindle.  More shops will close and our high streets won't offer the variety and will look shoddy.  Nobody likes to see 'For Rent' signs on shops.

I wish I had an answer.  Shops need to offer something that the internet and supermarkets don't.  I hope that there is a revolution ahead to get our high streets back on track!

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Champagne for Lulu! - Absolutely Fabulous is back!

I was chatting with a girl pal the other day and she name-checked two television shows that I also happen to love.  'Sex & The City' and 'Absolutely Fabulous'.

These are two shows that have huge followings by women and gay men, so it was of little surprise that we were both gushing about them.  [Forgive my sarcasm] Believe it or not, women like to have sex!  They like to party! They can take drugs if they choose and party until the early hours of morning.  Yes, these two shows exposed the truth about how many women behave (in an exaggerated way).  It was so refreshing to see some strong women on television, behaving in a way that is all too often displayed by men.  Imagine this - not all women are content housewives.  BUT - this was no battle of the sexes.  This was just a plain and simple truth.  Of course both women and gay men have known this since the beginning of time.  However, for some straight men, this was quite a revelation.  "What if my girlfriend talks about our sex life to her friends?"  Some men are so dim.

It was so great to see Jennifer Saunders back on television over the Christmas period, as last year it was revealed that she was going through treatment for cancer.  I wasn't disappointed with either of the new offerings (a third episode will air later this year to tie in with the Olympics). 

The most exciting news for Ab Fab fans is that there are more episodes being planned and a movie!  I can almost hear the excited screams of women and gay men across the world.  Hurrah!

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Do we really need to know everything about celebrity life?

Whilst reading the recent interview that Girls Aloud star Sarah Harding gave to a national newspaper, it occured to me; Why do we need to know so much about celebrity life?

Why did Sarah decide to tell all about the horrific and violent fight she had with her boyfriend?  I have no idea. The article was accompanied by photos of the injuries she sustained and emotional shots of a distraught and teary Sarah.  Poor Sarah.  Though I'm still confused why she chose to do the interview.

Has she become so accustomed to living her life through the media that she feels compelled to tell reporters (and everyone else) about every aspect of her life?  Probably not.  I'm sure there is more to this story.  I hope she is OK.  She certainly seems to have had her share of ups and downs with addictions.  It just seems so odd.  Perhaps this story would be better placed when she had sorted herself out; healthy, settled and happy?  A story of triumph over her addictions - instead of a story that highlights that Sarah is currently physically and emotionally bruised.  I'm not sure that the story benefitted anyone. Perhaps it was simply just a chance to fight back at her (ex) boyfriend?

Knowing that Madonna has fallen out with Gwyneth Paltrow, or that Kylie Minogue has a had an operation on her big toe shouldn't be of any interest to me - and do you know what? It isn't!  I couldn't give a rats arse.  So - why does the media think we want to know?

The fact that Sarah is battling addictions is no business of mine.

Everyone loves a bit of gossip - but if I'm honest, the best gossip is about people that you actually know in real life.