Monday, 20 June 2011

Retro: Scream (UK Horror Comic)

Oh joy! Whilst I've been (getting drunk and binging on cheese) relaxing in France, I've also be indulging in several retro activities - listening to old music I'd forgotten about and reading old comics from the eighties.  'Scream!' was a horror comic that only lasted about 15 issues.  It was brilliant and apparently pristine issues are selling on ebay for a fortune.  Hang onto those magazines, folks! There's money to be made!

Free fangs - that was a draw for me.  Oh to be young again....


  1. I loved this comic! Im gonna review it on my blog soon.Theres a link on my page to a website you'll wanna see ;)

  2. Thanks very much.Hope you enjoyed the link too. Lots of fun memories in there.I hade every issue. I could kick myself now :)