Friday, 24 June 2011

Pit stains, bad hair days and dodgy pants

Admit it.  You love to criticise people.  You love to sit outside a cafe, watch the people go by and comment on their appearance.  You like to think that you are better than them.  Well, quite frankly who doesn't?

We all love to judge people and even if we think we are grounded and fair people, there is no denying that we all take a bit of pleasure from talking about folks bad hair.  I'm probably one of the worst culprits for doing it but I don't do it in a mailicious way.  I don't confront those people (even though it takes all of my strength not to).

The thing is, none of us are perfect (although I am nearly there).  I realise that I don't have a right to comment on why a woman in her mid sixties is wearing a mini ra-ra.  I dare say that some people don't like the clothes I wear (although, let's face it, I seriously doubt that).

Open the pages of any weekly gossip magazine and you are confronted by a series of photos of celebs looking worse for wear - but I don't mind that - it reminds me that we're all the same.  We all have pit stains from time to time and most of us never look good in the morning.

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