Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Cher Lloyd, the leaked song and some very unimpressed fans

Not so long ago, Beyonce's new album had reportedly been leaked all over the internet.  It's now a common occurance.  It's a nightmare for the artist and record company and might have a substantial affect on sales. 

Cher Lloyd was one of the contestants on last years X-Factor, the UK talent show that will shortly begin it's US run.  Cher stood out from the normal crowd of wannabe popsters.  Her edgy and aloof personality and her unusual voice made her impossible to ignore.

Cher's in the news again because a new track, possibly her next single, has been leaked. Of course, she is furious.  I must admit I'm slightly sceptical because I'm more than aware of sneaky marketing techniques and this could easily have been leaked on purpose.  The unfortunate thing is that most of the comments I've read are less than favourable about the track.

However, I am sticking by Cher because I'm sure that she will have recorded some amazing tracks for her new album.

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