Sunday, 8 January 2012

Champagne for Lulu! - Absolutely Fabulous is back!

I was chatting with a girl pal the other day and she name-checked two television shows that I also happen to love.  'Sex & The City' and 'Absolutely Fabulous'.

These are two shows that have huge followings by women and gay men, so it was of little surprise that we were both gushing about them.  [Forgive my sarcasm] Believe it or not, women like to have sex!  They like to party! They can take drugs if they choose and party until the early hours of morning.  Yes, these two shows exposed the truth about how many women behave (in an exaggerated way).  It was so refreshing to see some strong women on television, behaving in a way that is all too often displayed by men.  Imagine this - not all women are content housewives.  BUT - this was no battle of the sexes.  This was just a plain and simple truth.  Of course both women and gay men have known this since the beginning of time.  However, for some straight men, this was quite a revelation.  "What if my girlfriend talks about our sex life to her friends?"  Some men are so dim.

It was so great to see Jennifer Saunders back on television over the Christmas period, as last year it was revealed that she was going through treatment for cancer.  I wasn't disappointed with either of the new offerings (a third episode will air later this year to tie in with the Olympics). 

The most exciting news for Ab Fab fans is that there are more episodes being planned and a movie!  I can almost hear the excited screams of women and gay men across the world.  Hurrah!

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