Thursday, 28 October 2010


It's nearly Halloween! Poptweetz loves Halloween - and so do Westlife. The above photo was taken shortly before the boys got dressed into their brilliant Halloween costumes. Those guys are so creative - they dressed up as four mediocre male singers. Good job, guys.

Happy Halloween, folks!

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Mariah's Scary

With Christmas approaching, our thoughts turn to drinking large glasses of mulled wine, eating german christmas cake and listening to soppy festive tunes.

Mariah Carey makes a fortune around Christmas time, due to her classic song 'All I Want For Christmas (is a bra)'. This year, Mariah will be buying extra expensive gifts for her pals as she will be due a massive payout with the release of a new Christmas album.
I hope she isn't thinking about giving away the gorgeous pup in the photo - though if she is, I will take him/her. Too cute.

Play the Jamie Oliver drinking game!!!

Lovely, lovely Jamie Oliver is back on our TV screens with a new series of 30 minute meals.

To celebrate this cracking show, I've developed a new game.

1. First things first, invite 3 or 4 mates around to your house.
2. Line up the drinks.
3. Watch an episode of Jamie's new fantabulicious new TV show and follow these rules:

When Jamie says 'Beautiful', drink one shot of vodka.
When Jamie says 'Waz' or 'Waz it up', drink one shot of gin.
When Jamie says 'Fink' (think), drink a whole bottle of champagne.

4. The winner is the one that survives until the end of the show without throwing up.

Please note: Poptweetz does not condone drinking alcohol in large amounts, unless you have purchased expensive drinks.

Siobhan Fahey

There are very few (80's) popstars that remain to be both creative and youthful in appearance. Siobhan Fahey, an original member of Bananarama and creator of goth/electro group Shakespears Sister is one of the fortunate survivors of the eighties. As you can see from the photo, she is still amazing.

With a new album out, (Songs From The Red Room) and an equally amazing new video (It's Trip), it's clear that Siobhan still has massive star-quality. She now releases her material independently, which gives her greater control over the music she creates. The new music is typically quirky. There is no high-pitched falsetto vocals from Marcella Detriot as she left the band many years ago.
She's still a bit bonkers, but I can't help but love Siobhan. Check out her website / Her new material is available to download from iTunes and other retailers.


This is Florrie. She's been under my radar for a while now. Keep an eye on this one. Listen to 'Fascinate Me' (Fred Falke Edit) - it is fabulous.

If you like Annie and Robyn, you will surely like Florrie.

Monday, 25 October 2010

Nadine Coyle - Insatiable

Keeping on the topic of Girl's Aloud members. Nadine Coyle has been working on her solo album for something like 2 years. You would hope that the album is going to be a stonker after working on it for so long. I do hope so.

I prefer 'Insatiable' to Cheryl Cole's efforts, but there is no denying that it is also a little bland. The sound is dated but maybe that was the point (he hopes!). I'm not very good at predicting these things but I don't think that 'Insatiable' will be a huge hit for Nadine. Unfortunately from what I've read, music journo's are saying that the album tracks are on a similar plain.

I don't want to judge the album until I heard it myself but Nadine will have to release a brilliant follow up single - otherwise this project will possibly destroy her solo career, which will be very sad. Nadine has a fantastic voice. She gets such bad press but I try not to believe everything you read, and so should you!

I'm going to keep my fingers crossed for Nadine - and I'm also doing the same in hope for a brand new Girls Aloud album. Purrrlease.

Why I'm disappointed in Cheryl Cole....

There are many things I like about Cheryl Cole - a woman who is now labelled as a national treasure in the UK. I love seeing her playing judge on the X-Factor, bickering with Simon and scowling at Louis. She's gorgeous - and even as a gay man, I can appreciate that she is extremely easy on the eyes. I love that she is (was/maybe still/?) part of Girls Aloud, my second favourite girl group after Bananarama. I'm in no doubt that there is a lot to love about Cheryl.

However, unfortunately this article is not about loving the Newcastle lass. This article is actually about my huge disappointment about the way that her solo music career has panned out. 99.9% of Girls Aloud songs were fabulous. Therefore, I was expecting great things from Cheryl. I wasn't expecting copy-cat songs or solo recording of Girls Aloud demos that didn't make it on albums. I had expections that the songs would me both memorable and tuneful. I was expecting fun, fresh pop tunes with equally colourful videos. When Cheryl released her first single 'Fight For This Love', I was saddened because it sounded so flat. However, I (perhaps stupidly) thought that the follow-up album would be different. It wasn't. The album, in my opinion, is a massive dud. Not that it seemed to matter to the record buying public as they bought it in droves (shame on you).

Cheryl's new single 'Promise This' is just as uninspiring.

The album 'Messy Little Raindrops' is about to drop and there are preview clips everywhere. Listen and judge for yourself.