Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Siobhan Fahey

There are very few (80's) popstars that remain to be both creative and youthful in appearance. Siobhan Fahey, an original member of Bananarama and creator of goth/electro group Shakespears Sister is one of the fortunate survivors of the eighties. As you can see from the photo, she is still amazing.

With a new album out, (Songs From The Red Room) and an equally amazing new video (It's Trip), it's clear that Siobhan still has massive star-quality. She now releases her material independently, which gives her greater control over the music she creates. The new music is typically quirky. There is no high-pitched falsetto vocals from Marcella Detriot as she left the band many years ago.
She's still a bit bonkers, but I can't help but love Siobhan. Check out her website / Her new material is available to download from iTunes and other retailers.

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