Sunday, 10 October 2010

Viva Espana

I'm home and feeling super refreshed after spending a week in Mijas, a little village in southern Spain. I tend to go to Spain at least once a year. Mostly because I need a sun-fix, but also because I love to hang about Puerto Banus, a place extensively featured in a recent Piers Morgan documentary. Puerto Banus is a well known for its association with the boat-owning super rich. Whilst it's quite nice to rub shoulders with rich bitches and their elderly husbands, I like to enjoy sitting in the restaurants and spying on the passers-by. It's addictive. The seemingly young model-types are usually foiled by closer inspection - note: wrinkly hands and thinning hair. AND - you can't buy good taste. I'm seen so many hideous outfits - too many to count. It's nosey parker heaven.