Sunday, 28 February 2010

Bananarama - the drama, the album, the hits!

Bananarama release a new single in April. The song 'Love Don't Live Here' is a track on their lastest album 'Viva' which was released late last year. The album is an electro-pop corker, but many of you may not even release this.
Now a duo, Bananarama have been working constantly over the years. They may not release a new album or single every year - but they are a band that is still very much in demand. Whether they are recording performances for French TV shows, or performing for thousands at South Aftrican charity gigs....people still love Bananarama.
The main problem that Bananarama have to tackle is that people label them as an 'eighties band'. Perhaps even a novelty act. True - their biggest hits were in the eighties. Songs like Venus, Cruel Summer and I Heard a Rumour will remain pop classics for years. However, Bananarama are more than an eighties act. They write and have more input into their careers than many current artists. They are not puppets - infact they have managed themselves before. They are role models for women in the music industry. In the early eighties, they were successful in an industry that was mostly dominated by men....and much hasn't changed. They are still as fiesty as ever with a drive to continue working in the business that they love.
If you remember Bananarama ....and even if you are too young to remember them, buy the current album 'Viva' and you won't be disappointed. It's great pop music. Fun, fresh and typically Bananarama.

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