Thursday, 21 October 2010

Nigela Lawson - secret excerpts from her forthcoming book

I've been lucky enough to be given a copy of a manuscript for Nigela Lawson's next book. In the book she writes about her life, career..and of course there are lots of fabulous new recipies from the kitchen temptress.

Nigela's publishers have given me permission to publish some choice excerpts from the future best selling book.

"Being a foody superstar can be exhausting. I'm often invited to other celebrity chefs homes for parties, book launches or bare knuckle fights with Delia Smith. When I arrive home late at night, exhausted and lacking in 'sexual' energy, I'm usually desperate for some comfort food like my Easy Thai Soup which can be made in minutes....."

Easy Thai Soup
This recipe is completely effortless and delicious.

1. First open a bottle of expensive wine and pour half of it into a large wine glass.
2. Ask a member of your staff to make a large bowl of Thai Soup.
3. Thumb through various food magazines whilst drinking the wine.
4. Tear up press photos of Jamie Oliver because it's funny.
5. Ta da! Soup Ready. Delicious!

I think you'll agree that the book will be a huge success.

Next week Nigela writes about her frequent nightly trips to the fridge, and why she likes to store chocolate bars in her underwear for emergencies.

(The above Nigela story may not be entirely true. Infact it isn't true. Infact I made it up. Don't hate me.)

Monday, 18 October 2010

The Rules - Part 1

According to many a music critic, there are several important elements that make a good popstar. Charisma, individuality, a great personality and perhaps most importantly - a fantastic singing voice. ...but is that really true?

I've been a fan of pop music for most of life. Here is Part 1 my rules to make the 'perfect' popstar:

1. Personality.

It's not always one of the most essential characteristics (Hello Leona), but having a big personality helps. Remember the 'Spice Girls' early television appearances? From day one, it was clear that these girls were something special. Not only were they incredibly irritating, they were also fun, fresh and loud. A mix of terrible fashion and faultless pop songs. Amazing. In 2010, we are lacking in decent music television. Gone are the days of 'Top Of The Pops' when we were able to see brief glimpses of personality during performances. Today's pop stars have to rely on guest spots on Alan Titchmarsh, performing for an elderly audience that are mostly asleep.

2. Great Songs.

In these current times, it's hard to hear a decent pop song as most of them are indentical. The songs are possibly written and produced by the same person. A good pop song is easy to recognise. In most cases it can produce an instant response - "F**k, this is brilliant" - or "I will sell my children for this song on mp3".

3. Stupid Clothes.

Lady Gaga, nuff said.

...more soon...