Friday, 24 June 2011

Celebrity Reality TV: career destroyer or saviour?

It's very easy to have an opinion about the celebrities that appear on reality TV shows such as 'I'm a celebrity...get me out of here'.  To most people, and perhaps quite rightly, it's their idea of hell.  The celeb contestants are filmed 24 hours a day and made to do all sorts of embarrassing (and in some cases revolting) tasks in an attempt to win first place.  Surely the only people that sign up to these shows are those celebs who are desperate and penniless? - or are we too quick to judge?

"This show is boring" said Granny Poptweetz
Reality TV shows are not only a common occurance.  They are also a ratings winner.  Should we be really judging the people that sign up?  Should we be congratuling them for making a smart move?  After all, that exposure can give a star many more opportunties - such as magazine interviews, advertising and endorsements...?  The exposure can help promote a book, a tour or a new album.  The rewards could be amazing. Unless of course you are not seen in a good light.  It's a difficult decision to make.

Celebrities should think hard.  Are they willing to let the public see all of their flaws?  No matter how good an actor or actress, nobody can keep up an act 24 hours a day.

The news that Rachel Stevens (solo performer and former singer with S Club 7) has apparently signed up for Celebrity Big Brother on Channel 5 is not a shock in the sense that we haven't seen much of her recently.  According to rumours, she will be realising some new material via 'Fascination Records' which is home to The Saturdays.  I can't confirm either story.  In case you have forgotten who Rachel is, see the below video:

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