Sunday, 19 June 2011

Kerry Katona

I had the ...(insert appropriate word) fortune / misfortunate... of meeting Kerry Katona in Croydon a few weeks ago.  She seemed happy and was looking after her daughters.

I'm afraid I struggle with the concept of Kerry Katona, like I struggle with the concept of Katy Price.  What purpose do they have?  I know that the public loves to read about Kerry but I'm not sure why.  I can't put Kerry in the same catergory as reality TV stars because she did start out as a member of Atomic Kitten (a girl band).  She found fame before the reality shows and she was married to a former member of Westlife.  The only purpose I can think of is that Kerry reminds us that our lives are not so bad.  Sure, we all complain about our own lives from time to time.  We might not have (had) the money that she has (or had), but at least most of us are relatively untroubled.

...and now there is another drama in Kerry's life, she has apparently been dumped by her manager.  I guess that's another story to sell and more cash in Kerry's pocket.

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