Sunday, 6 February 2011

Antony Costa

Oh, what a mess! Blue member Antony Costa was caught on camera urinating at a cash machine in London.  In a bizarre way, you have to admire him for being able to do it whilst managing to get some cash out - and not getting any splashes on his shoes. 

Many people have been getting in a tizzy about it, though they should really calm down.  Nobody died.  Yes, it's not hygenic and I'm grateful that it's not my local machine.   Some people have been writing that Blue should now not represent the UK at Eurovision, but that would be a massive over-reaction to what was a stupid and probably drunken episode, which I'd imagine Antony not only regrets but he's also dreadfully embarrassed about.  Let him pay a fine to clean it up and then let us all move on.

Let's focus on Blue's Eurovision entry and send them positive thoughts and good luck wishes for the 14th May.

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