Friday, 4 February 2011

Mcfly get goo'd! (and waxed!)

It’s All About Goo….

McFly enroll in Cadbury Creme Egg’s Goo Dares Wins

Demonstrating their bravery, McFly have signed up to play Cadbury Creme Egg’s - Goo Dares Wins, the nation’s biggest game of dare. Taking on the mischievous Creme Egg, the boys have been challenged with a series of dares to get through this Creme Egg Season.

From bathing in a bath of Creme Egg Goo to having their legs waxed, the boys will be joining the nation in taking on the Creme Egg, in order to earn points for the Spots team and Stripes team.

Goo Dares Wins is Creme Egg’s anarchic twist on Spots v Stripes, with the aim of egging the nation on to play and submit their own dares to win points for their chosen team.

McFly’s dares are hosted at the Dare Headquarters (, where you can also vote on which of the boys you would like to get Goo-d!!

The Dare Headquarters also provides the opportunity for uploads to be voted video of the week while players can compete to be named the highest individual points scorer and with even the accolade of overall best dare up for grabs.

Goo Dares Wins started on January 1st and will finish on April 24th

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