Thursday, 18 November 2010

Poptweetz Zero of 2010 No10 - 50Cent

It's a shame that many associate rap music with sexism, violence and homophobia.  I truly believe that there are some very talented rappers in the industry (Kanye West for example - but only when he's not acting stupid).  Though it's hard to pick out the real talent from the idiots.  One idiot worth mentioning is 50Cent.  A man who is an abysmal performer.  He enjoys writing obscenities on Twitter, happily and joyfully churning out comments about sex, women and of course the usual homophobic banter that seems to spew from many who are a part of that industry.   I don't know who is more stupid - 50cent? - or perhaps the thousands of people that follow his every word?  I am particularly pointing in the direction of the 'hooker' women that openly enjoy chatting with him. No sensible woman would go near him. 

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