Sunday, 17 January 2010

Pop 2010

So, we're half way through January and my mind has turned to thoughts about what the rest of the year will hold. In recent years, Pop Music has had sort of a rough ride, with very few artists showing actual personality. For example, Pixie Lott for one. A 'nice' girl with some 'nice' enough songs - but she's not exactly a force to be reckoned with in the personality stakes.

...and... It's not that I'm opposed to manufactured pop - although some would say that this is to blame. There has always been manufactered pop music. It's not a new idea and it will continue for many years to come. If we didn't have manufactured artists, we wouldn't have 'Girls Aloud' - one of the saving graces of Pop in recent years.

I guess I have issues with quality control. So many songs in the charts are depressing. I miss the days of chirpy popstars - artists that are genuinely having fun. Creative artists...Vocal artists...Happy artists!

I tire of the depressing songs and I really don't want to read the negative stories anymore.

Of course we should have variety in music - but I really hope that 2010 brings back the fun in music.

Kylie will be back with a new album this year. Sophie Ellis Bextor is too....and hopefully there are many more 'fun' artists gathering momentum, smiling and planning their 2010 chart assault in a 'postive' light...because let's face it, 2009 was pretty sh*t for most us. I think it's time to bring back the fun in pop.

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