Sunday, 17 January 2010

Supermarket Rage

There is something about Tesco's that sucks the very life out of me. Infact, I'd also include Asda in this catergory.

Walking around the store is like pacing around a cattle market. A sea of ignorant individuals, walking blindly, unaware and to be honest....quite ugly too. **Apologies to those Tesco's customers that are both handsome and intelligent. It's just that I don't see them when I go.**

This morning, we went into a local Tesco's as we'd found out that the exchange rate on Euro's was pretty good. Well done Tesco's. As we were there anyway, we decided to buy a few groceries and so we spent the next half hour dodging a terrifying collection of characters from all walks of life (and me). As usual, when we reached the checkout there were massive queues on the tills. So we decided to use the 'self service' scanners - big mistake. Why does this always seem like a good idea? It was another half hour before we left the store after finally finding someone to assist us and the crazy scanner.

Shopping at Tesco's would be a much better experience if it was set in a Roller Disco. I wouldn't mind the dodgy checkout issues if I could be skating around the store to the sound of Donna Summer whilst searching for a large jar of Helmans.. Take note, Tesco's!

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