Thursday, 11 November 2010

Bananarama - Baby It's Christmas

'Baby it's Christmas' is the brand new song from Bananarama.  I was especially excited to listen to this song because it is Bananarama's first Christmas themed song (if you don't count the charity celebathon that is 'Band Aid').  As expected, it's a high energy dance number that is perhaps aimed at the gay audience (perhaps it was aimed at me? I am a huge gay!)  It's not that the straights don't like dance music - it's just that I can very easily picture this song going down a storm in every homosexual danceteria across the land. 

The girls sing "Stop, stop pulling my heart-strings. Won't you come back and make my heart sing. You've been away far too long".  No, Keren and Sara aren't begging for Siobhan to rejoin (though that would extra fabulous in time for Christmas).  I think they are singing about a bloke - or perhaps a large bottle vodka if I'm to believe their reputation as hard drinking party disco queens.

J'adore - of course.

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