Tuesday, 2 November 2010

It gets better... Part 2

It's easy to dish out without giving it very much thought.  Since writing my last post, I've pondered about what else I can add to the topic. 

My advice is: Don't feel like you have to 'come out' - take your time and decide when you want to make that decision.  Many people feel pressured to 'come out', but it's not a decision that anyone should take lightly.  You may be still living with your parents.  You may not want to take that risk yet - and don't feel ashamed because sometimes people have to make hard decisions and life won't always be so closeted.  You may want to initially confide in one person - and that's OK.

Everybody has their own story.  I 'came out' quite late on in my life, but I have no regrets because I did what I felt was best for me.  I can't change anything now.  The past is simply the past.  Life is too short to have regrets.

When you do take that leap, life can be so much easier.  It took a lot of effort to hide my true feelings.  It was wasted energy that could have been directed at shopping for Vivienne Westwood scarfs, quite frankly. 

If you are struggling to make a decision - Try to make a balanced decision - but always aim to be true to yourself as soon as you can because you have a right to live your life openly and honestly - and as soon as you do, your life will change massively for the better.

There are lots of charities, helplines and social groups out there.  Make good use of them if you need to. 

One final piece of advice, learn how to smile (even if you are not feeling happy).  People are drawn to smiles.

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