Friday, 7 January 2011

Christmas Fabulousness

Did you have a good Christmas? I certainly did.

What presents did you get?  That jumper you always wanted from your Gran? ...or a surprisingly camp Christmas card from your uncle Eric (I was sure he was married with kids....). 

Anyway.  The boyfriend was happy as Santa (his Mother and Father) brought him a Kindle.  Gone are the days of me complaining about the rustling of pages at bedtime - after all a gay needs his beauty sleep.  Speaking of sleep or lack off, somebody gave me some 'roll-on under-eye caffeine gel' - I'm not sure whether it was a joke or whether I have serious eye-bag issues.  I'm too scared to consider the worst option.

Our New Year celebrations were fun.  We had yet another party (our 5th over the Christmas period) and our guests were treated to a 'seventies theme' fondue party.  There was plenty of cheese on the dining table and more from the iPod playlist that I created.  I had a large animation of a ticking clock on one wall and despite that we nearly missed the stroke of midnight.

I also did well in the sales.  Canny people like myself will have noticed that certain stores had many pre-christmas offers and I walked away with a very stylish and super cheap designer leather bag.  All man-bag fans, bow your head.  There is a new man-bag in town!

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