Saturday, 13 August 2011

Songs to cry to (Part 2)

Eddi Reader is a name that many associate with Fairground Attraction, the short-lived but award winning band that had hits such as 'Perfect'.  However, Eddi's solo work is rather lovely too.  There are several stand-out songs from her repertoire, such as 'Semi Precious' from the 1996 album 'Candyfloss And Medicine'. 

Canadian songstress k.d. lang has such a distinct soaring quality to her voice.  She is an artist that rarely fails to touch me in some way.  'Hymns From the 49th Parallel' is an album of mostly cover versions that lang recorded.  'Hallelujah', the haunting Leonard Cohen song is simply gorgeous and 'Case Of You' written by Joni Mitchell is equally amazing.

'Towerblock' is a song by Julia Fordham, it's a firm favourite with many fans and it's often requested at gigs.  The vocals are stunning but it's the sentiment that I connect with.  "All my life, I've been the one who's big and strong for everyone.  Then you come along, a towerblock for me to lean on."  It's simplicity is what makes the song special.  The vocals and piano are enough.  There is no need for percussion or strings or anything else.

I'm interested to hear what your song choices are.  Please add your comments below.

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