Saturday, 29 January 2011

Bebel Gilberto and the dodgy Spanish singer

I've been a fan of Bebel Gilberto since her ground-breaking electronic bossa nova album 'Tanto Tempo' - an album I bought by accident in HMV (don't ask).  It remains to be a classic album and the tracks have been used on many movie and TV soundtracks over the past few years. 
It's hard to believe that 'Tanto Tempo' is 10 years old because it still sounds so fresh.  In actual fact, it's my personal soundtrack to long hot summers and love (please don't vomit).

During my Spanish trip, I was treated to a performance of 'So Nice' by a singer in a restaurant.  It's a song that I firmly associate with Bebel because of it's appearance on the 'Tanto Tempo' album.  The unfortunate Spanish singer destroyed it.  To right that wrong, I would like to pay tribute to the definitive version by Bebel.  Watch the video, pour yourself a glass of wine and then I dare you to download the album.  You won't regret it.

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