Monday, 1 August 2011

Lost Gems: Pop Albums That Deserved Success *Part 1*

Made In London were a female trio that were tipped for success back in 2000.  Their debut single 'Dirty Water' reached number 15 in the UK charts and they recieved positive reviews in the press.  Things were looking up until the release of their follow up 'Shut Your Mouth' which reached a disappointing number 74.  Consequently their album, 'Perfect Storm' was pulled and I remember watching a particularly sad interview with band members on Channel 4's Big Breakfast after the news that they had been dropped by their record company.  At that stage they were hoping to be signed elsewhere, but sadly that didn't happen.  'Perfect Storm' is a great album and I have one of the many promo's had been issued, so if you are lucky to find one in a second hand shop, snap it up!  I'm particularly fond of the track 'Believe', but the whole album is a gem.  It's a soulful debut and it's a shame that it never surfaced.

Madasun were another all female trio from 2000.  They released 3 singles, all which made the UK top 40.  Unlike Made In London, Madasun's debut album did get a release.  'The Way It Is' was released in late 2000 and sadly the sales weren't there.  It's a shame because the album had some great tracks including the (perhaps TLC inspired) 'Walking On Water' which is lovely. 
Madasun weren't always this grumpy
I really thought that Madasun had potential. 

Dana Dawson - RIP.  I was so sad to hear that Dana passed away last year from colon cancer.  'Black Butterfly' is a pop gem.  All 4 of the accompanying singles are great.  The thing that stood out is Dana's great voice and her really great sense of style.  For example, she wears Vivienne Westwood on the cover (beyond fabulous!!!)  The album is a mixture of pop, soul and some really nice ballads.

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