Wednesday, 19 January 2011

News Topic: Discrimination

There has been a media frenzy about the gay couple that were turned away from a B&B by it's intolerant and Christian owners.  The men won a court case as it was ruled to be unlawful discrimination - and quite right too.

I watched a debate show on television this morning and I listened to both sides of the argument and despite that, I am more certain than ever that the court made the right decision.  Not because I'm gay - but because we can't live in a society where a public company can decide who can come through its doors.  Imagine if a large retail company (such as Marks & Spencer's, for example) made a decision to reject a minority group based on their beliefs.  Is that fair too?  Surely nobody wants to live in a society where a public company, large or indeed small, can make such discriminatory decisions simply on the basis that it's that 'their business...and they can do whatever they like'?  That kind of behaviour opens the door for all kinds of prejudice - for minority groups and even also for the certain intolerant religious groups themselves.

My life should not be ruled by the decisions of people who are intolerant of others.  We live in society that is rich in culture, different ethnicity's, religious beliefs and sexual orientation.  If you go into business, you have to accept that you will have to bite your tongue and accept everyone and their differences.  If you don't like it, then don't go into business.  Perhaps you should lock yourself up in your safe house and then you won't have to see or deal with anyone who has different beliefs to your own.  Now that would be a healthy existence, wouldn't it?


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