Saturday, 23 July 2011

RIP: Amy Winehouse

It's 7:30pm on 23rd July 2011 and online sources and TV news shows have reported that Amy Winehouse is dead.  It's such terrible, terrible news.  Amy was a star.  She had a unique voice and a talent that will be sadly missed.

Many years ago, my friend Amy (not Winehouse) managed to get me on the guestlist to see Amy Winehouse perform live.  It was before she hit the big time.  I was incredibly excited about seeing her perform because I loved her debut. 

Unfortunately it was a shambolic performance.  She was clearly drunk and staggered across the stage.  Most people knew that she had problems and this was before the media took such an interest into Amy's private live, relationships and addictions.  Me and my friends left the concert early as we couldn't bear to see the disasterous performance continue.  It was a few months later that Amy reached global success. 

Despite the shamoblics, I'm proud to have been in the same room as her.  Addictions and issues aside, Amy (according to the people that knew her) was a vunerable but lovely person.  I think it's important that we don't forget that.

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