Sunday, 27 February 2011

Wine, bad tempers and Lady Gaga.

Something horrible happened in the early hours of this morning.  I realised that I can occasionally be perceived as being a 'killjoy'....but it's not my fault!!!!

Picture this; Two friends are staying with us for the weekend, mainly to discuss their 'civil partnership' arrangements, but also because they can be fabulous company.  They arrive late on Friday as other friends drop in unexpectedly.  Much fun is had.  It's a great night and everyone is tucked in bed at 4:00am in the morning - which is a rare late night for me. 

Saturday; shopping, a Japanese lunch and we make a knock-out three course dinner - and then the fun ends.....  It's late again and there are many empty wine bottles on the table.  The discussions about the 'civil partnership' became heated and the future grooms are snapping at each other.  I decide to leave them to it and head for bed at a perfectly respectable 12:30am.  Two hours later and I wake to the sound of raised voices.  They have moved onto the subject of 'politics' and the the voices become louder and louder.  This is where everything went a little bit fuzzy.  In my head, I turned into a character from a Tarantino movie, performing complex karate moves and expertly removing wine glasses from the hands of the culprits, whilst throwing impressive punches with the other hand.  However, the truth is more scary.  I turned into the mother of every teenager across the land.  Nobody was safe.  With a steely stare and a voice that sounded like my own mother, I cleared tables of wine glasses AND people.  The party was officially over. 

I'm not a boring person, but I do object to stupid conversations about politics in the early hours.  I wouldn't have minded if they were singing karaoke at 4:30am in the morning.  I wouldn't have minded if they were sharing stories of sexual escapades.  BUT I do object to being woken up to the words 'David Cameron' at 2:30am!!!!!!!

BTW - on a totally different subject, the Lady Gaga video should debut tomorrow.

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